Zhongshan LED promotion has entered the tender construction phase

According to the “Zhongshan City LED Lighting Product Promotion and Application Implementation Plan” and the work responsibility letter signed between the Zhongshan City Government and the municipal departments and the townships, Zhongshan City will complete the popularization of LED lighting in the public lighting field by the end of 2013. At present, all responsible units have completed the formulation and submission of implementation plans for the promotion and application of LED lighting products in their jurisdictions, and have fully entered into the project tendering and construction application stage. The promotion and application of LED lighting products has presented a good situation of scrambling and surpassing.

It is understood that, in the promotion mode, Zhongshan City encourages the use of contract energy management (EMC) model, and actively explore the use of government investment, energy custody and other ways to promote the promotion and application of LED lighting products. Among them, the Torch Development Zone and Dongsheng Town adopted the EMC model and fully implemented the LED street light renovation project. In progress, the Torch Development Zone plans to complete the renovation of about 10,000 LED street lights in three phases this year. At the same time, according to the characteristics of adjustable and controllable LED, a central control system for LED street lamps was established to further enhance the energy-saving effect of LED street lamps. Dongsheng Town has completed the bidding work for the installation of LED street lamps, confirmed two successful bidders, and plans to complete the renovation and installation of 5,424 turns of LED street lights in batches by the end of 2013. The installation work of port town 2759盏, Henglan Town 2700盏, and Shenwan Town 1350盏 LED street light is undergoing preliminary preparation and negotiation. West District, Southern District, Tanzhou Town, Fusha Town, Dongfeng Town and other towns and districts have already started discussions with investors and implementers.

At present, Zhongshan City has installed a total of 4,066 LED lights, a total of 7,874 feet of LED lights have not been installed, and a total of 10034 LED lights are being tendered.

Feng Xiaorong, vice mayor of Zhongshan City pointed out in this regard that the promotion and application of LED lighting products will help the city's industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, and towns and departments must improve their understanding and enhance their sense of urgency and responsibility. In the next stage, Zhongshan City will promote the application of LED lighting products from the aspects of promotion system innovation, engineering quality control, technology innovation, and organization supervision.

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