Huawei Cloud Fabric Cloud Data Center Network Solution

Huawei Cloud Fabric Network Solution At the Interop International Communications Exhibition in May 2012, Huawei shocked the launch of the CloudEngine series of cloud-class switches for next-generation data centers. Including the world's highest configuration flagship core[…]

The world's most advanced intelligent LED road sign

The power of the Internet is invisible and huge. How can we give full play to its advantages in this era of information explosion? New York Pioneer Design OfficeBREAKFAST NY gives the answer: a smart road sign in the Internet age. The road sign of the access network can automatically capture data a[…]

High-precision mass data acquisition and storage system…

Abstract: To meet the high precision acquisition of data under certain harsh experimental environment conditions. Mass storage for post-analysis needs, designed with MSP430F1611 microcontroller as the main control unit, using 16-bit high-precision A/D conversion chip ADS1146 t[…]

Home network purchase and sale zero difference

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching. In the face of home appliance stores, brand stores, “discount”, “straight down”, “buy gifts” and other eye-catching promotional information, as well as online shopping channels “second kill” an[…]

IBM layoffs impact semiconductor research and developme…

In recent days, the media continued to report on IBM's launch of a new round of layoffs. According to estimates by the IBM employee group Alliance@IBM, as of last Friday, IBM has cut nearly 2,300 people. According to an estimate of Alliance@IBM's website, about 500 of the posts th[…]

Beijing stopped selling more than 100 watts of incandes…

It is reported that Beijing has issued an action plan to eliminate ordinary lighting incandescent lamps. According to the plan, the government agencies will take the lead in setting aside the deadline and complete the phase-out work within a time limit. Since June this year, the first 100 watts of […]

Camera CMOS and CCD battle

The CMOS and CCD debates have been going on for a long time. The photoreceptors are the core of imaging technology and the most critical technology. The problem of out-of-stock commuting on the 139-inch CMOS chip has caused headaches for SMEs and has become a hot topic in the industry. In […]