Smart meter application has obvious advantages

The smart meter has the main features of informationization, digitization, automation and interaction. After the collector is installed, the meter can also be automatically read by the computer remotely, which can greatly improve the accuracy of meter reading and work efficiency, and effec[…]

Eye scanning technology unlocks the phone

iPhone 5S's fingerprint recognition technology can be said to be the only highlight of the iPhone 5S besides its color, but after the issue of iPhone 5S fingerprint recognition crack, many hackers claim to be able to crack fingerprint recognition, and some even think that this is a Lay[…]

AC-LED technology leads the new trend in LED lighting m…

At present, whether it is household electricity, industrial and commercial electricity or public electricity, most of them are powered by alternating current (AC), while traditional LED lighting must be driven by direct current (DC), traditional DC-LED as lighting. For other purposes, the AC-DC con[…]

China's LED industry needs to face four major probl…

Faced with the government and enterprises in full swing to carry out LED lighting industry, lighting companies in the LED lighting industry and the transformation of traditional lighting companies, experienced the development of heat, cold encounters, price cuts, how to adjust their own go[…]

500 CEOs will gather at the 2013 High-tech LED Conferen…

[High-tech LED reporter / Zhao Hui] sponsored by Gaogong LED, the annual industry event - Gaogong LED Conference will be held on November 25-26, 2013 at Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center in Guangzhou. This high-tech LED conference will be held for the first time in conjunction with the 2013 (3rd[…]

Xinlong will bring the integrated plastic tube to the 2…

[High-tech LED reporter Gao Jinyu] LED lighting is difficult to promote in the civilian market, and its barrier is "price". At present, in the retail market, the traditional T8-1.2M-40W lamp can be as low as 5 yuan, and the same size specifications The retail price of LED tubes is around […]

Analyze CAF failure mechanism and analysis method

1 Introduction In the field of electronic equipment, taking automotive electronics or some military equipment as an example, it has high requirements for high temperature and high humidity environments. With the development of such products towards higher density, the pitch o[…]