Domestic color TV giants snatch Japanese market

Domestic color TV giants snatch Japanese market With the decline in the sales of Japanese household electrical appliances, the overall market share of domestic color TV brands has risen to more than 75%. Even the share of electrical appliance chain channels such as Gome and Suning has reached about 65%. According to the latest data from Skyworth Digital, high-end products, including 3D TVs and cloud TVs, accounted for 50% of the total sales, compared with 31% in the same period of last year. Cloud TV, which was launched in September 2011, will be September this year. It already accounts for 23% of its total shipments, compared with only 14% in August. Although the entire industry has achieved a slight increase, Skyworth's performance with overall sales growth of more than 20% has become the biggest winner in the market in the past month.

To lay the ground for next year's market, Skyworth recently held the 2012 UHD New Tasting and Customer Conference in more than 30 cities nationwide. The product strategy of the new product brand Skyworth is very clear: taking the opportunity of UHD Ultra HD cloud TV new tasting, taking 55E800A as a breakthrough, and the boundless hard screen as a technical feature, six 55-inch products are listed on the market, and the product echelon is clearly identified. The marketing style of Skyworth is fully prepared, grasps timing, and emphasizes product strategy.

Industry experts said that Japanese brands’ products that exit the market are basically large-size products, and Skyworth used this opportunity to launch attacks targeting high-end markets. In response to this high-end brand strategy and large flat-panel cloud storm, Liu Yaoping, general manager of Skyworth Group's China Regional Marketing Headquarters, said: “This is a great opportunity for product transformation and an excellent opportunity to start high-end brand strategy.” Liu Yaoping Introduction: This is to provide "Panorama Services" around Cloud TV, and to focus resources on providing "Experience-oriented users" with the ultimate experience of success. From the changes in the external market of the Eleventh Market and the increase in the sales volume of Skyworth's large-size products, Liu Yaoping believes that the time has come for Skyworth to officially launch its high-end brand strategy.

Why does Skyworth choose 55-inch cloud TV as the key breakthrough product of the big storm of TV?

It is understood that there may be two reasons: First, the current increase in the price of small and medium-sized LCD screens in the industry caused the increase in the cost of products and the lack of supply, while the price stability and supply of large-size products are sufficient, making the cost-effectiveness of large-size products obvious. To enhance, 55-inch market opportunities for improvement and popularity. The second is that 55-inch flat-panel TVs have gradually become "standard" products for urban family living rooms. In the color TV industry, who's products can occupy the living room of the consumer family, is actually the industry leader. Because this is a sign of brand recognition and strong brand performance.

Selecting 55 inch as the main attack product, Skyworth can be said to be accurate in positioning. The 55-inch healthy cloud TV product group represented by Skyworth's 6 series of products has occupied a prominent position in Skyworth's terminal stores. Skyworth has already achieved the ultimate in the narrow edge, boundless industrial design products and cloud TV interactive health experience.

Liang Feng, Director of the Department of Audio and Video in the Electronic Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said: “The vigorous development of strategic emerging industries represented by new generation of information technology has promoted the characteristics of networking, intelligence, large screen, and green environmental protection. Scientific and technological progress."

Yang Dongwen, president of Skyworth Group, stated: “With the improvement of the domestic LCD panel industry, the cost advantage of domestic brands in the LCD industry chain will become more apparent, and the upstream bottleneck will also be completely resolved.” At the same time, Skyworth has no Industrial design fields such as borders and narrow borders are already in an advantageous position. With the advantages in fields such as application technology, Skyworth has also begun to show an upward trend in the mid-to-high end product areas. ”

People in the industry generally believe that competition in the color TV industry will become increasingly fierce in the coming period, and this competition is an integrated competition among the strong. Only brands that have comprehensive advantages in technology, channels, supply chain, and reaction speed can become brands. Continuing winners, long-term Chinese brands that have mastered the advantages of the industrial chain will become the world's leading color TV industry.

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