Infineon Introduces LED Driver for Automotive RGB Ambient Lighting System

Recently, Infineon announced the launch of the LINLED driver series for the car. The new TLD73xxEK system single-chip product can be mixed with RGB (red, green and blue) dimming to produce a multi-color ambient light source, generating multiple internal assembly colors through pre-defined color points.

The Infineon TLD73xxEK LINLED driver family consists of four products that differ in compliance with the LIN protocol (LIN 2.1 and SAE J2602) and output current (48mA-2A). Each device integrates logic, memory, LIN interface and a three-channel linear current source or three external driver stages. To achieve predefined color points for multiple RGB modules, the integrated memory can store up to 16 pre-calibrated color points.

LEDs using mixed red, green and blue emitters can theoretically produce an infinite variety of colors with the challenge of pre-defining each RGB module in the event that environmental conditions change and each LED is different. colour.

The integrated state machine of the TLD73xxEK product enables smooth color conversion and dimming without further software development by the system vendor. Typically, pulse width modulation (PWM) is used for color mixing, which causes the light output to flicker due to the lower PWM frequency. The Infineon TLD73xxEK LINLED driver family features a proprietary color mixing solution that uses a high frequency signal to drive the LED for flicker-free light output.

The TLD73xxEK series is suitable for worldwide use because its integrated LIN transceivers meet the LIN 2.1 or SAE J2602 standards. Each device can be programmed with a unique LIN address, and different modules can be combined to simultaneously respond to the transmitted LIN information.

The TLD73xxEK LINLED family is available in a space-saving PG-DSO-14 package with an "exposed pad" designed to improve thermal performance. The TLD7305EK (SAE J2602 compliant) and TLD7306EK (LIN 2.1 compliant) have three linear current sources, each providing up to 48mA of output current, allowing the LED to have a steady current through it under any environmental conditions. The TLD7395EK (SAE J2602 compliant) and TLD7396EK (LIN 2.1 compliant) can be used to control bipolar transistors with external drive functions to increase current (48mA-2A) to drive high power LEDs.

Infineon pointed out that integrated LIN transceivers can reduce cabling requirements by 25% (4 to 3), plus pre-programmed color mixing and dimming control, which will allow system manufacturers to save additional software development work.

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