Twin Plum Blossoms--Wuxi Technology Business Center LED Light Art Works

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" October issue]

"Smoke in the south of the Yangtze River, who does not recall Jiangnan", Wuxi, the treasure of Jiangnan culture with the reputation of "Taihu Pearl", in the flourishing modern economic development, still invariably inherits the ancient customs of Wu culture, and integrates the rich poetry To the night scene of the main architectural landscape of the Central Business District of Wuxi (Taihu) International Science and Technology Park. On August 15th, 2012, the LED Light art work of Wuxi Science and Technology Business Center (referred to as “Shuangzilou”) was successfully illuminated, and the LED light art work (“Meihua” architecture) of Wuxi Technology Exchange Center completed one year ago was separated from the lake. Hope, a beautiful scene of "Gemini plum blossoms echoed, light and shadow depicting ink Jiangnan" is presented in front of the world.

1. Value structure and team formation

Wuxi City is aiming to build “lakeside city” and “landscape city”, highlighting the background of “mountain, lake, river, city, text and green”, Wuxi (Taihu) International Science and Technology Park (hereinafter referred to as Taike Park) The core part of the central business district, the night scene construction, but also fully reflects the beauty of the landscape, the beauty of the city, showing the unique and regional charm. The Science and Technology Exchange Center and the Science and Technology Business Center are the two landmark buildings in the Central Business District. One is the image of Wuxi City Flower “Meihua”, and the one with a minimalist and symmetrical shape. It has its own architectural design and its night view. The expression is to re-create the existing architectural image, so that the soul of the building is more individualized, lively and beautiful at night, creating an LED light art work that is “based on architecture and transcends the beauty of daytime architecture”.

2. Objective scale analysis in the early stage of design

In order to create LED light art works that touch the soul and transcend the beauty of architecture, we must first fully understand the design objects and deeply understand the connotation of architecture and landscape. Yuexia's ultimate designer systematically analyzes light art from five aspects: geographical environment, architectural features, humanistic features, architectural functions and viewing viewpoints, and clarifies design goals to ensure the best artistic effect and design quality.

From the perspective of the big environment, Wuxi Taike Park is located on the Taihu Lake. The natural scenery is beautiful, the river channel is vertical and horizontal, the water system is developed, and the transportation is convenient. It is not only an important carrier of Wuxi Nantuo strategy, but also an important node to show the Wuxi Linhu hydrophilic urban landscape. And the core landscape area. From a small environment, the Central Business District (Science and Technology Exchange Center, Science and Technology Business Center, Emerald Lake) is a core component of Taike Park. It is a pleasant, ecological, efficient and vibrant waterfront technology business center. The environmental characteristics determine the design of the LED light art work to be elegant, aura, and reject any vulgar things.

As far as the building function is concerned, as one of the main buildings of Taikeyuan Central Business District, the technology business center has a total construction area of ​​136,005 square meters, including an office building and a five-star hotel. The two buildings are at the same height (118.73 meters). Symmetrical sitting, referred to as "Shuangzilou". The 23-storey office building on the east side is planned to be leased to the Wuxi New District Management Committee for use as an office building integrating energy conservation, ecology and intelligence. The west side is a 24-storey five-star hotel, in addition to the standard room. Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, banquet halls, conference halls and some entertainment and fitness business clubs. It can be seen that the functional positioning of the Twin Towers is: efficiency and vitality.

In the architectural design, the twin-story building features the characteristics of “tide, noble, and atmospheric”. The shape is a balanced and symmetrical double-sub-layout. It has a simple and delicate façade decoration, convenient transportation, adjacent to Emerald Lake Park, green and lush, environment Elegant, the lake is surrounded by abstract plum blossoms and the tall twin towers, the absolute Feng Shui treasure, the creation of its night scene (light art works) also highlights the iconic, unique and implicit nature of the building.

In terms of humanities, light art must be integrated into the surrounding environment, reflecting the human and historical characteristics of the city, and it is an emotional and spiritual work. Wuxi is located in the south of the Yangtze River and the shore of Taihu Lake. It has a long history, rich culture, beautiful scenery, rich and harmonious, and Wu culture with distinctive regional characteristics has rich cultural heritage. Therefore, the creation of LED light art works in this ancient city of Jiangnan must be beautiful and connotative.

In addition, people-oriented is one of the important principles of the design of light art works. Another purpose of viewpoint analysis is to find out where the best viewpoints of the work are and what visual perspectives to ensure. The viewpoints to be noted mainly include static viewpoints (mainly in the view of the pedestrian, midpoint and farsight) and dynamic viewpoints (mainly based on the viewpoint and the aerial viewpoint).

Based on the above analysis, the designer determined the design goals of the overall light art collection of Wuxi Taikeyuan Central Business District: (1) to create the landmark and landmark buildings of the region; (2) to become the “business card” of Taikeyuan, the region Demonstration of the style of LED light art works; (3) The various areas of the Central Business Center are both integral and full of personality.

Moonlight's ultimate designer uses light as an architectural element, using light to create a sense of rhythm in space, using light to express the rich expression of the building, allowing light to match the building, making it pure or noble, or Cheesy.


For more information, please refer to the October issue of "High-tech LED-Technology and Applications"

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