Apple brand index fell iPhone 5 is the main reason

Today, according to the latest survey data of the “YouGov Brand Index” cited by the foreign media in the US daily consumer cognition research service, Apple’s own brand awareness is on the 5,000 consumers in the short period after Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5. The survey has declined, and Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, has reached the highest level of brand recognition in the past five years.

According to the survey report, Samsung’s “YouGov Index” once fell to 3 points in August due to its patent dispute with Apple. However, as of last Saturday’s data, this figure has already peaked at 30 points. However, it is still worth noting that the apple's index for the same period has fallen from the previous 44 points to 33 points. It can be seen that Apple not only did not further widen the gap with its competitors in the short time of the iPhone 5 release, but was caught up by Samsung.

In response to this change, the industry gave an analysis that the reason why Apple's brand index fell to a large extent related to the iPhone 5, iPhone iPhone 5 in the design of new ideas and tight supply is only one of the aspects, more The reason is that users are dissatisfied with the quality of mobile phone work and built-in map services. And Samsung’s advertisements for counterattacking the iPhone 5 when it released the Galaxy S III also affected the change of the two brand indices to some extent.

However, in addition to Apple's efforts to repair the negative comments on the iPhone 5 caused by his mistakes, will also be held on the 10th of this month to launch a new product launch to announce the company's latest products. Therefore, there are still people in the industry who believe that Apple's “YouGov Brand Index” will certainly rebound with the promotion of these positive factors.

Upon review, the “YouGov Brand Index” has a range of 100 to -100. Among them, the greater the score in the positive area, the higher the awareness of the brand in the minds of consumers, and the greater the number in the negative area, the lower the recognition of the brand. When the score is 0, it means that the brand's positive and negative evaluation in the minds of consumers.

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