Shao Jiaping: Who is more important to improve light efficiency and price?

On August 18th, the CTO Conference of the 9th High-tech LED Industry Summit held in conjunction with the 2012 High-tech LED Exhibition was successfully held in the AB meeting room of Hall 5 of Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. The forum agenda was based on the upper and middle of the LED industry chain. The downstream is divided into three special sessions. The CTOs and executives of well-known enterprises in the LED industry chain are invited to share the latest cutting-edge technologies in the industry and discuss the technological development trends of the upper, middle and lower reaches.

Whether it is important to improve light efficiency or price, Dr. Shao Jiaping, technical director of CREE China, expressed his views. Dr. Shao pointed out that at present, whether to choose multiple low-power integrated or single high-power chips, the choice of different technical routes, the cost performance is different, and the technical solutions are also different, which requires the industry to gather people to discuss together.

He believes that the final improvement of light efficiency and technology needs to be close to the market. Different chips have different lighting requirements, and the requirements for lighting drivers are different. The final price/performance ratio is also different.

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