Wang Peng: Find the dynamic balance point in LM/$ and LM/W

In order to help enterprises strengthen technical exchanges and realize the seamless connection between supply and demand, the 2012 High-tech LED Exhibition Industry Chain Procurement Matchmaking-light source device was held on August 18th in the conference room of Hall 2 of Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall. In the matchmaking meeting, Wang Peng, general manager of Baishi Optoelectronics, Yang Renyi, chief engineer of Yimei Xingguang, Wu Xianghui, general manager of Anpuguang Optoelectronics, and Liu Weihong, deputy general manager of overclocking technology, respectively, on the technology and trends of LED lighting and display packaging and heat dissipation products Made a wonderful speech .

The “bargaining” phenomenon in the packaging industry is very common. Often for 1 cent, everyone is struggling with the blood. Is the cost of 1 cent really important? Wang Peng, general manager of Baishi Optoelectronics, believes that finding the dynamic balance point in LM/$ and LM/W is the king of solution.

According to the internal investigation and statistics of Baishi Optoelectronics, LM/$ and LM/W will rise at an average rate of about 20% per year, but enterprises must face the dilemma of “satisfying and not screaming”. In the future, it may be necessary to pass such as 4014, 2835, 5630, The large-scale use of the 3528 series products has got rid of the current predicament.

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