Tektronix Launches Solution for Streaming Video Capture

21ic Tektronix has announced that its file-based quality control (QC) solution, Cerify, has been certified by Netflix to make it easier for content providers to deliver streaming video.

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The number of video content provided by video service providers has been exploding. Because there are hundreds of potential content providers, video service providers need to spend more effort on quality control of the content they receive. There are a large number of different file formats, code types, potential grammatical errors, and differences in quality standards between different organizations. The complexity of the digital content supply chain increases the time it takes to standardize content based on the video service provider's collection quality criteria before the content preparation workflow begins. In the absence of a unified content delivery specification in the industry, video service providers begin to define the content delivery specifications that content providers need to adhere to.

Netflix certification helps ensure content providers comply with the required content delivery specifications. Content providers will reduce the time and expense waste caused by content rejection and ensure that Netflix can capture content of consistent quality. "Tektronix' Cerify solution plays an important role in the content and service partner's digital content supply chain," said Christopher Fetner, director of content partner operations at Netflix. "We are excited to work with Tektronix to drive the Cerify solution. Development to ensure that users are more confident when delivering content to Netflix."

To support Netflix, Tektronix has added new content types, test methods, and profiles to its automated content verification system. Cerify is a fully automated system that validates/checks file-based content before it is transmitted or used. Related solutions range from Windows-based PC stand-alone workstations to enterprise-class solutions connected to third-party automation or asset management systems.

“Cerify ensures that the content is ready for use in a variety of content processing workflows to accommodate a variety of playback formats. Cerify is the only enterprise-class, scalable quality control for each workflow stage of acquisition, decoding and archiving. The solution, Eben Jenkins, general manager of Tektronix video product line, said, "We expect Netflix's new changes to Cerify to help meet our existing and future content supply customers delivering consistently high quality content to Netflix."

Visit Tektronix and Netflix at booth N609 at the 2013 National Radio and Television Association Conference & Exhibition (NAB 2013) to see a demonstration of our collaboration. Bring your content to the Tektronix booth, and Tektronix and Netflix content engineers can demonstrate how Cerify will test your content to ensure that your submissions comply with Netflix delivery specifications.

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