Home network purchase and sale zero difference

Home network purchase and sale zero difference The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching. In the face of home appliance stores, brand stores, “discount”, “straight down”, “buy gifts” and other eye-catching promotional information, as well as online shopping channels “second kill” and other temptations, what to buy, where to go Buy?Traditional home appliance purchase channels and emerging online shopping channels, which in the end more money?

Online shopping appliances become a trend

“I would like to buy a cooking machine for my mother. I can't go home because of the Dragon Boat Festival. I just buy a direct delivery home on the Internet.” said Xiao Chen, who is attending a school in Xi’an’s southern suburbs. This reporter learned that in the consumer groups of online shopping appliances, like Xiaochen, fawns on online shopping for home appliances are not limited to consumers, especially the purchase of microwave ovens and drinking fountains. It is very hard to take it home.

A study also showed that small household appliances accounted for almost half of all online shopping appliances, reaching 46.55%. Hair dryers, electric irons, humidifiers, rice cookers, and soya-bean milk makers are favored by online shopping consumers because of their advantages of cheaper prices and less need to consider after-sales services. The limited-time specials, group purchases, spikes, mystery promotional emails, rebates and other promotional tactics are also constantly stimulating consumers. In addition to traditional sales channels, online sales of this pie, whether retailers or manufacturers, e-commerce, etc. want to grab a piece. Almost overnight, domestic home appliance network procurement market has seen a pattern of home appliance chains, home appliance manufacturers, B2C operators, and C2C operators.

Online and offline price adjustment 0 time difference

On the other hand, many consumers believe that the online shopping appliance service is uneven. In comparison, the online shopping platform of some chain home appliance companies is favored by more consumers because of its after-sales service protection. However, whether home appliance chain stores with traditional channels or online shopping platforms have the situation of “buying expensive goods” by consumers, and they have been wrongly selected by the buying channels. Recently, Suning Cloud Business officially announced from June 8th. From now on, all Suning stores and Tesco Shimen stores will sell products with Suning's “same price in the same city”.

In fact, as early as the beginning of the year, Suning innovatively proposed the cloud-business model and summarized it as “shopping merchant + e-commerce + retail service provider”. Its purpose was to integrate Suning's front-end background, converge online, and offline. Focusing on the cloud-business model, Suning implemented a series of internal reforms such as organizational changes and system development, which solved the three major issues of channel integration, resource sharing, and cost accounting for online and offline prices.

Jin Ming, president of Suning Yunshang Group Co., Ltd., said that Suning's full-scale price advantage will be more stable after the online and offline purchases of hundreds of billions of yuan each year have the same price. Suning's online and offline prices are neither the impulse of impulse, nor the passiveness of offline price follow-up, but the continuous deepening of the O2O fusion model. "The physical store will hold on to the price trump card. After the same price, the overly complicated promotion form in the past will be simplified so that consumers can enjoy direct benefits." In Jin Ming's view, the double price is a matter of course. "Of course, on major holidays, Suning will still have corresponding promotional activities on-line and off-line to ensure the price strength of the entire network." Jin Ming emphasizes the advantages of Suning after the same price.

Store open real-time parity

Whether the facts as Suning said, to achieve online, offline and the same price? "We will set up a special area in the store, require all salesperson's mobile phone, pad to open each e-commerce website at any time, real-time parity." Visit the reporter to see As for, the ratio of stores is omni-channel, and both online and offline, Suning strives to ensure low prices across the entire network.

It is reported that the realization of the dual-line same price is to use its advanced back-end information system to lock the same commodity transaction price between the store and the online store. The store will check the price change situation through the P-sales terminal every 1-2 hours. The store will change the price of the corresponding product at the first time. If the label has to be changed in the future, consumers do not need to worry because the transaction price of the store POS has been locked into the online price, and the online and offline synchronization is the same price. “Based on the powerful back-end information system, we can successfully achieve online and offline price adjustments of zero time difference.” Tian Rui, CEO of Suning's chain platform operating headquarters, is confident in the processing capabilities of the same-price systems.

At the same time, the reporter learned that the most intuitive feelings that the same price brings to consumers are not only price but also the convenience of delivery services. Tian Rui said that Suning has specifically developed a product source search system. For example, if a consumer looks at a product in a store and the store is temporarily out of stock, the system will automatically search for the nearest logistics warehouse from the store, and quickly match the time to the store. Consumers can themselves Choose from mentioning, you can also choose Suning delivery, of course, these are free.

In this regard, industry experts analyzed that Suning implemented the same price online and offline. On the one hand, the service and experience of the store were consolidated. On the other hand, the original initiative in product price will be further strengthened. The price competition advantage will be fully highlighted.

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