The world's most advanced intelligent LED road sign

The power of the Internet is invisible and huge. How can we give full play to its advantages in this era of information explosion? New York Pioneer Design OfficeBREAKFAST NY gives the answer: a smart road sign in the Internet age. The road sign of the access network can automatically capture data and geographic location from the network resources such as Weibo, RSS, various APIs, etc., and then scroll and update the latest dynamics on the LED signs, and tell people with 360° rotation. Which direction is happening. When the passerby manually inquires about the location, event or event, the signboard not only rotates the specified position, but also displays the relevant dynamics on the sign. For example, if a game is searched, it will indicate the northeast direction first, then display the geographical position, the progress of the game, Related reports and so on. With it, say nothing will not get lost!

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