Micro-mini robot brings new ideas to application

Recently, robot families have been adding new types of robots. Recently, a group of micro-mini robots made by British scholars have brought new ideas in application.

Micro-robots are not unfamiliar to some high-tech industries or institutions. For example, some hospitals now use capsule robots to perform more intuitive and detailed detection and judgment of patients inside the patient. In addition, the use of more monitoring, the United States has previously disclosed the micro-robots used by the relevant intelligence agencies for monitoring.

At present, researchers at the Sheffield Robotics Center in the United Kingdom have "trained" a group of mini-robots in an experiment. The robots can be organized into a team to perform simple tasks such as grabbing or moving objects. This research will have potential applications in medical and military technology, and the TV show "Fresh Gadgets" will demonstrate the performance of these mini-robot teams on the spot. The group "programmed" together by the program has a total of 40 small robots with no memory devices and processors inside, so they can be shrunk to tiny sizes for medical procedures. It is also possible to build robots into larger scales for use in military or search and rescue operations where they are too dangerous or unattended, or for companies that aim to improve the safety of the industry.

The robot group performs basic functions in a simple artificial intelligence. For example, when they are randomly scattered in the room, each robot can detect whether there is another robot in front. If it is not in front, it will spiral outwards until it approaches another robot, and then rotate around the robot. Recently, I finally gathered together.

This group of micro-robots similar to the combination is likely to change the traditional machine application and development direction, even if it can not be changed can bring some different ideas. In addition, these micro-robot groups may also have a unique role in some scientific research.

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