TCL understands that it is still early for VR to fully break out in 2016?

The concept of VR is frequently mentioned by some techies and enthusiasts. So is this fresh product in the end? After seeing some actual experiences, VR looks like a big virtual goggles to see a vivid virtual world.

In professional terms, VR is called Virtual Reality. VR was first proposed by Jaron Lanier, the founder of VPL in the United States, in the early 1980s. Its specific connotations are: comprehensive use of computer graphics systems and A variety of interface devices, such as reality and control, provide immersive sensation technology in a computer-generated, interactive, three-dimensional environment. In general, it is a computer system that can create and experience virtual worlds. Immersive experience.

In 2015, from Google to Microsoft, from Apple to Facebook, some international giants have deployed VR. Among domestic companies, it is reported that TCL has also launched its own VR products.

There is an upsurge in the scientific and technological community that 2016 will be the first year of VR product explosion. Some hardware companies and application companies are just as enthusiastic about 3D TV as they were in 2012. Regarding whether VR will break out, TDL Group Chairman Li Dong rationally judged in an interview with the China State Grid Corporation reporter before his birthday. “VR is a concept, and it takes a long way to go to form a real application.
Li Dongsheng also noticed that Samsung and Facebook jointly released a VR product. In fact, the hardware is mainly based on Samsung. Facebook has made some applications. With Zuckerberg's appearance, all the focus is on him.

TCL has also launched VR products internally. Li Dongsheng said that he has also experienced and said truthfully and realistically. He feels that TCL's own VR products are still far from the practical stage.
"What is Samsung's and Facebook's products? I haven't experienced it. I can't say it. VR is a bit like Google's Google Glass. It's very hot. Everyone thinks it will be popular soon, but how many people wear Google glasses today? Is it?” Li Dongsheng asked.

Li Dongsheng stated that when VR products are used, they are related to the body's ability to bear. Wearing Google glasses has great harm to the eyes. If it is myopic, it will double the degree in two or three months. VR products cannot be worn for long periods of time. If they are uncomfortable for more than 15 minutes, this involves improvement of the entire technology. This is the hardware aspect. In terms of applications, no killer applications are currently seen.

According to Li Dongsheng, VR technology was first used in aeronautical technology. Because pilots, especially during military flights, use a lot of things in a short period of time to control a single aircraft and deal with many situations, there is no way to use traditional touch methods. Deal with VR technology. The aircraft is manipulated through human eyeballs, body movements and even brainwaves. In actual civil applications, this scenario is far worse. However, as a new technology, TCL paid attention to and established the VR product department a year ago.

A rational scientific and technological community also believes that, in addition to the shortcomings of hardware and applications, VR is still a gap between the actual experience and the realization of network transmission. The form of products with heavy eye masks is also in Primary Stage. It is too early to say that this year is the outbreak of the first year.

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