Konka TV E330U: 4K Large Screen TV Recommended

Konka LED55E330U
Although the positioning is not high, but Konka LED55E330U TV performance in the performance of the product is still very good, through the addition of 4K features, Konka LED55E330U TV can provide users with more detailed and realistic display images. At present, Konka LED55E330U TV priced at 3999 yuan, interested friends can look at.

Konka LED55E330U

Konka LED55E330U has 4K physical resolution, resolution of 31402160, four times the full HDTV, clear picture quality, every detail can be divided into every detail, each pixel is more accurate and small, so that you are on the spot The feeling of watching movies.

Technology Introduction

Konka LED55E330U built-in Youku movie platform, Youku TV according to your viewing habits intelligent push audio and video content, allowing you to enjoy the most favorite program the first time, there are more than 60000 TV dramas, more than 150,000 hot movies and more than 40,000 information videos. Let you enjoy the theater life without leaving home.

Konka LED55E330U and Tencent cooperation, every day speed, every day cool run, qq Landlords, all civil aircraft you can play directly through the TV, with other players to play, Imagine happy gaming experience.

Game interaction

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The Konka LED55E330U is a TV that allows you to experience movie theater watching at home. Massive video and television dramas allow you to enjoy the pleasure of watching a big-screen TV. The smart features also enrich your life. The current price is 3999. Yuan, interested friends can consider.

Product Model Konka LED55E330U
Promotion price 3999 yuan
Promotional Business Jingdong

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