Enterprise MES and Energy Management System Information and Data Acquisition Solutions

The construction of steel and metallurgical enterprises MES and energy management and control centers is an effective means to rapidly reduce the unit consumption of products and reduce emissions, and is also an important measure for the transformation of enterprises from quantitative to qualitative and profitable. The iron and steel metallurgy enterprises have the characteristics of long production process, multiple production equipment distribution points, and a wide area. The types of control systems, manufacturers are numerous and complex, and there are many levels of network architecture, which poses great challenges to the information security construction of MES and EMS systems.

Force Control Huakang series of products from the first batch of iron and steel enterprises nationwide energy management and control center project began to use, covering most of the key backbone steel metallurgy companies. It is the preferred product and reliable partner for information security protection of DCS, PLC and SCADA systems in the construction of MES and EMS.

Analysis of Information Security Weaknesses:

● The field controllers DCS and PLC use OPC and Modbus common protocols. However, these protocols lack safety certifications and data information is easily stolen.

And tampering

● Many types of field devices, miscellaneous communication protocols, and different communication ports increase the data collection cost of MES and EMS projects.

● The site network is complex and lacks regional division

● Real-time databases such as INSQL, PI, and IH used on site require high data integrity. Data communication requires high network configuration and does not allow

Communication interruption, data loss

● The field controllers PLC and DCS systems incorporate open information technology, which reduces the security of the system and is vulnerable to information from the information network.

Attacks from malicious code, ARP, flood, fragmentation, malicious scans, etc. can have serious consequences


● Provide network isolation protection for the main controllers in the site (PLC, DCS, etc.) to prevent attack threats or viruses from the information network or other areas


● The data collection gateway must have rich data collection interfaces and support a variety of mainstream industrial control system communication protocols (supporting proprietary protocols).

Collect data from multiple different subsystems

● Divide the area according to different production processes and systems, and isolate them between areas to avoid virus spread between different areas

● The network isolation gateway and data collection gateway must support data interfaces of various mainstream real-time databases to realize data integration with other systems.

● The network isolation gateway and data collection gateway must support the disconnection buffer of configuration software or real-time database software to solve the problem due to network disconnection or information.

Data loss and historical data incomplete due to blocking

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