Faced with a large number of TV box products, five major shopping tips

With the advent of the smart era, in addition to mobile phones, many home appliances have gradually become intelligent. Among them, the fastest growing and most recognized by consumers is the application of smart terminals in the television field. Therefore, smart TVs and smart TV boxes have entered. High-speed development period. However, because for consumers, switching to TV is still a big issue at home, so many people are still confused when they buy smart TVs and smart TV boxes, especially when they buy TV box products. Products with different shapes and prices are different. Everyone will not know what to choose. In view of everyone's confusion, today Xiaobian sofa and everyone to popularize the TV box shopping skills, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

1. Choose a strong brand

The development process of TV box products is similar to that of smart phones. Because users have a large demand and the entry threshold for products is low, many manufacturers or consortia have entered this field. For a time, smart TV box products have sprung up. Faced with this situation, the faction sent responsible people to say that although the appearance of some small-brand products can still be done, the technology is still immature, both in the use of experience and in the after-sales service, there are certain problem. Therefore, I personally recommend that when choosing TV box products, we must choose the brands that have strong brands.

With the current smart TV box market, glory, music, millet, Tmall and other first-line brands are preferred.

2. To support 4K video playback

When choosing a smart TV, in terms of the Yanshan School, the most important thing is to choose a product equipped with a high-quality screen. Because TV is a large item, we will not easily change it. As long as the screen is good enough, we only need to buy the latest ones. TV box products can achieve the purpose of upgrading. Therefore, when selecting television boxes, we naturally have to pay attention to performance. So how do you watch TV box performance? Actually, we don't have to look at the configuration as we all said, because the TV box product has a lot of learning. In addition to the processor and the running memory, we need to look at the decoding capability. However, everyone does not have to worry about too much trouble and will not choose, Yanshan School recommends that you must choose to support the 4K ultra-clear video playback box when buying TV box products.

On the one hand, with H.265 decoding, the performance of a box that can play ultra-high definition 4K video smoothly will not be bad. On the other hand, 4K ultra-clear video is the trend. After the popularization of 4K ultra-clear video, your 4K smart TV box is also Will not fall behind; Of course, 4K ultra-clear video viewing experience, compared to 1080P video and 720P also have a lot of cool.

3. To support Bluetooth

Do you have a good experience with strong performance? Of course not, in addition to performance, the operation of TV box products is also an important factor affecting their overall user experience. The operation of TV box products is mainly accomplished through remote control. SO, Yanshan School recommends that you choose a TV box with Bluetooth remote control design. Of course, it is best to also support the smart voice function.

First of all, the Bluetooth remote control can abandon the disadvantage that the infrared remote control must be operated against the TV, allowing the user to achieve a 360-degree no-dead-end operation, greatly improving the TV box operation experience; secondly, the Bluetooth remote control-enabled TV box supports Bluetooth functions, in addition to the connection Remote control, Bluetooth can also connect speakers, headphones, handles and other equipment, enrich our entertainment experience.

4. Intelligent voice function is indispensable

Why choose a TV box that supports smart voice? In fact, the Yanshan faction once told you that many times the importance of intelligent voice for TV box products. Most of the current televisions are not touch screens. As a smart terminal, the TV box remote controller is too simple to design, and the operation of an intelligent system will appear to be too complicated. For example, for the most commonly used search operation, either a window or a window of the remote control is turned over, or a remote control with only a few arrow keys is used to face the full keyboard on the television interface. One letter and one letter are used to spell out the movie name. The initials, and then one of the movies with similar names, are simply impossible tasks for the elderly and children, even for young users. But if you have smart voice capabilities, everything is different.

Just press the voice button and say the name of the movie you want to watch. The TV box will accurately and accurately identify the video you want. It's a lot smoother and smarter. Because of this, brands such as Glory, Xiaomi, and Tmall have added intelligent voice capabilities to their TV box products. Taking the glory box voice as an example, it not only supports movie title search, but also supports search for director name and actor name, allowing users to search content they want more freely, and it also integrates intelligent voice control and interactive functions. By controlling the player's progress through the voice, you can also open applications, enter system settings, and other operations through voice, greatly reducing the cost of learning the operation of TV box products, and letting TV boxes, smart products, easily let older people and children get started; You can also conduct simple two-way voice interactions such as voice chat, jokes, and weather, making the TV box a real smart device. While Xiaomi Box and Tmall Box have no intelligent voice interaction and control functions, at least they also implement intelligent voice search function, which enhances the experience of TV box products. Therefore, the Yanshan School recommends that you choose a television box product with smart voice capabilities.

5. Look at the value of Yan

For young users, we all like the simple and stylish design. Our home styles tend to be simple. Therefore, for the TV box, which needs to be placed near the TV wall, we naturally hope that it will be simpler and smaller. The better, the best we can't see. Of course, it is impossible to be small and invisible, but there is no problem with miniaturization, and this is exactly the trend of TV box shape design.

The two most popular mini-TV box products are the millet box and the glory box voice. Both have their own miniaturized power supply design and can be plugged directly into the strips. They only need to be connected to the TV via HDMI HD cable. It can be used, which saves space and does not hinder the use of other jacks in the socket. It also reduces the number of cables near the TV wall, makes the TV wall more tidy, and the light color match naturally into our furniture style. However, it is a pity that the small box of Xiaomi has also reduced its performance while being miniaturized. It not only does not support 4K video playback, but also uses an infrared remote control design to castrate the Bluetooth module. This glory box voice to do more kind, miniaturization also has 4K video playback capabilities, Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and mature intelligent voice capabilities, so that mini TV boxes can also have this powerful performance, excellent user experience .

OK, to see now, when you face the numerous smart TV boxes again, you should have your own choice. To sum up one sentence, when people choose TV box products, they must not only look at their bodies and muscles, but also have to look at functional equipment and operation optimization. Finally, they must not forget to look at the Yan value. Keeping these points in mind, you must be able to choose the right one. Your own good box.

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