Policy clearing will help new energy vehicles get multiple benefits

On July 10, the State Council decided to exempt the purchase of new energy vehicles. On July 13, the State Council issued government agencies and public institutions to purchase new energy vehicles. On July 21, the State Council issued the "Promotion of New Energy Vehicles." The Guiding Opinions on Application has introduced more than 30 policy measures in 8 aspects. At the standard level, in early July, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited China, the Sino-German electric vehicle charging standard was unified, and the new charging standard was released. The standard of charging interface is just around the corner.

Within a month, the new energy auto industry has seen several major positives, which is rare in the development of new energy vehicles in the past decade. The series policy not only clears the obstacles such as the development of new energy vehicles such as local protection, but also provides new Internet players with the possibility of entering the market. The three core components of the components - batteries, motors, electronic control and other related manufacturers have also become direct beneficiaries.

In 2013, the country promoted 20,000 new energy vehicles, nearly double the total of the past four years. In the first half of 2014, the country produced more than 20,000 new energy vehicles.

Insiders pointed out that the development of new energy vehicles requires three conditions, products, policies and user development. On the product side, all car companies now have new energy vehicle products or plans. Tesla's entry into China this year is also cultivating the user market with domestic companies. At this time, it is timely to encourage the policy.

"The State Council's recent policy can be described as the right medicine, pointing to the most difficult problems in the development of new energy vehicles." Li Yunfei, deputy general manager of BYD Auto told Tencent Technology. "For example, to unify the national subsidy catalogue, the importance of breaking local protection is no less important than exempting new energy vehicle purchase tax, or even equally important."

Local protection ice will melt

Li Yunfei’s local protectionism is the trouble that BYD has been experiencing all the time, mainly caused by the different promotion catalogues of new energy vehicles.

The policy of subsidies for new energy vehicles is that consumers will purchase pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids (including extended-program) vehicles and fuel cell vehicles with a mileage of more than 50 kilometers under pure electricity conditions, and the central government will give 47,500 yuan. - A subsidy of 57,000 yuan (decremented by 5% per year after 2014). Under the policy framework, local “new energy vehicle promotion catalogues” have been issued. Although the standards adopted by the “New Energy Vehicle Promotion Catalogue” in most regions are consistent with national standards, there are also some regions that exclude vehicles that local automakers are not preparing to produce in the near future.

At the beginning of this year, after BYD's latest plug-in hybrid (both available and oil), BYD suffered different treatments in Shanghai and Beijing. The Shanghai market is open, BYD is easy to enter the market, users not only exempt from license fees, but also enjoy double subsidies from the state and the Shanghai government.

Beijing's subsidy catalogue excludes BYD and SAIC's new energy vehicles. Because Beijing only subsidizes pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, it does not include plug-in hybrid models in the state subsidy policy. this means. Unless Beijing's local auto company BAIC launches a hybrid model and can enjoy government subsidies, BYD and SAIC and other auto manufacturers can treat it equally.

This time, the local protection of new energy vehicles was broken to a certain extent after the country required all localities to implement the national unified new energy vehicle promotion catalogue. Li Yunfei said that after the introduction of the guidance, when the local authorities can introduce the rules to officially promote this policy, it needs follow-up observation. Since the guidelines of the State Council have been fixed, there will be no deviations in the rules of the localities.

Foreign companies such as Tesla are hard to get subsidies

Since the electric vehicle itself has no emissions, it is unreasonable to use the standard below 1.6T to levy the vehicle purchase tax. This month's exemption from the new energy vehicle purchase tax is also a problem that should be solved.

The State Council has decided that from September 1st, 2014 to the end of 2017, it will be licensed to sell (including imported) pure electric and qualified plug-in (including extended-program) hybrid and fuel cell three-class new energy vehicles. Exemption from vehicle purchase tax.

After exempting the new energy vehicle purchase tax, foreign companies such as Tesla also became beneficiaries, but Tesla was excluded from the subsidy list after the introduction of the unified new energy vehicle promotion catalogue policy.

An electric car industry official said that Tesla and the domestic new energy car users are very different. Tesla is like

"Local tyrants" electric toys, the unit price is higher, even if the subsidy has little effect on the overall price of the car.

For electric vehicles with a price between 100,000 and 200,000, after the reduction of license fees, the exemption from vehicle purchase tax has a significant impact on the overall price of the vehicle, and users are more willing to accept it.

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