Apple's new product launch confirmed that sapphire concept stocks rose against the market

Apple-related sapphire concepts, smart wear, components, holographic concepts, touch screens and other related sectors rose across the board in early trading. Yijing Optoelectronics has a daily limit, and it has also reached a daily limit in the electro-acoustic disk.

Apple concept stocks led the two cities, a total of electro-acoustic, billion crystal photoelectric daily limit, Luxiao Technology rose more than 8%, Xinwei Communications rose more than 6%, Huanxu Electronics rose more than 5%.

On August 29th, Apple officially confirmed that it will officially hold a new product launch conference on September 9, 2014, and has officially released a media invitation letter.

The slogan "Wish we could say more" is also printed on the invitation. And this slogan also indicates that this conference will focus on voice control, so the iPhone 6 with the iOS 8 system and the latest HomeKit platform will also be the protagonists.

The conference will start at 10:00 local time on Tuesday and 1 am on September 10th, Beijing time. Earlier media predicted that in addition to the expected iPhone 6 at this year's conference, Apple will launch a new wearable iWatch smart watch.

Finally, the latest generation of iOS 8 operating system will also be officially released with the iPhone 6.

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