Do you really choose bedside lamps?

Do you really choose bedside lamps?

After midnight dreams, the darkness devoured us. At this time, in addition to the warm body temperature of people around us, we need a brighter light. The eyes in the night are always more fragile and sensitive than the daytime, and they are more sensitive to the perception of light. Therefore, in the selection of the bedside lamps, the shape should be comfortable, smooth and simple. The hue should be elegant and gentle, even if A person's night can also give us a hundred percent warmth, soothe lonely hearts and give us practical security.

The bedside lamp in the bedroom is a combination of general lighting, local lighting, and decorative lighting. The bright, soft bedside lamps provide a warm touch. The light of the bedside lamp tends to be gentle, mainly in order to meet people's psychological state at night. The harsh light will only abolish people's drowsiness and make the fragile eyes feel uncomfortable. Generally, the color of bedside lamps should be warm or neutral.

The bedside chandelier in the bedroom not only frees up the space on the nightstand, but also enhances the style of the bedroom if the design is unique. Those chic bedside chandeliers, they are either charming or masculine, or cute or creative, and the bedroom with different chandeliers show a different atmosphere.

One of the most obvious benefits of wall lights is the space savings. The wall lamp should be selected according to the size of the bed. Usually, the big bed should be installed on the wall on both sides of the bed, and the small bed should be installed with a double-headed wall lamp above the center of the bed. Normally, the line of the wall lamp is connected to the switch panel of the doorway and can be opened as soon as it enters the bedroom. The atmosphere is also very soft.

The soft lighting of the bedside lamps does not mean to reduce the brightness, because the dim lighting will give people a sense of oppression, and for those who have a habit of reading before going to bed, it will damage the eyesight. Compared to the low and remote lamps, the advantage of a bedside wall lamp is that you can place it in the middle of the bed, and you don't need to read it around your neck. Therefore, if you have a habit of reading before going to bed, a wall lamp is more appropriate.

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