FBI: driverless car or used as a deadly weapon

According to the British "Guardian" website reported on Wednesday, although Google's driverless car may still be in the prototype stage, the FBI (FBI) believes that this car that can "change the rules of the game" will be high speed within a few years. Car chasing brought revolutionary effects and warned that driverless cars could be used as "lethal weapons."

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According to the Guardian's non-confidential but restricted viewing rights FBI report, the FBI predicts that driverless cars "will have a big impact, making things that law enforcement agencies and their opponents can do with cars." . The report also pointed out that the "multi-tasking" function of driverless cars will make "the criminals can perform tasks that would otherwise require the use of both hands or the need to let the line of sight leave the road, which is impossible today." According to the report, a "nightmare" scenario would be that criminals can use a driverless car to drive toward the law enforcement while driving to escape.

People driving cars can use laser ranging, radar, video cameras and GPS technology to build 3D maps of the surrounding environment, including buildings, roads, pedestrians and other vehicles. Subsequently, the car can be safely navigated and driven to the target location under program control, during which time obstacles can be avoided and traffic rules are usually observed. The FBI pointed out in the report: "Autonomy can make cars more efficient, but it will also open up the possibility of dual use, which may make the car a more deadly weapon than today."

The FBI is concerned that criminals may steer clear of the safety features of driverless cars, ignore traffic lights and speed limits, or may have terrorists programmatically turn them into "unmanned bombs." The hypothesis presented in this report is in stark contrast to the information that many driverless car developers want to express, which the latter hopes will provide greater safety than human drivers.

For example, Google's description of its latest driverless car is: "They will be designed to drive safely and automatically, without human intervention, but with software and sensors to do all the work. Just push the button, they It will take you where you want to go."

The FBI expects that a fully automated driverless car will help reduce the number of traffic accidents involving “first first responders” because “manpower operations have the risk of crashes due to distraction or misjudgment, and (unmanned Cars can) significantly reduce this risk." In the United States, an average of 80 people die each year from crashes involving emergency vehicles, and police cars in the London City Police Department encounter up to a dozen traffic accidents per day.

The FBI also said that the next generation of robotic cars can make tracking suspects easier because "stalking will become more efficient and easier, patrol cars will be less likely to chase target vehicles," and "algorithms can control patrols." The distance between the car and the target to avoid being discovered." The FBI believes that the US Congress will approve the use of driverless cars for the US public in the next five to seven years, but at the same time admit that such cars may face obstacles to approval due to "escape driving or chasing cars." But for now, Google's most advanced driverless cars can only run at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour (about 40 kilometers).


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