Mobile Internet: Mobile computing is still in its infancy

According to foreign media reports, the popularity of mobile computers is faster than any consumer technology in history. Almost every two mobile phone users have a smartphone. At present, the problem faced by various technology companies is how to obtain profits from the rapid development of mobile technology.

From a global perspective, wireless network operators earn most of their profits. The top 900 operators have annual revenues of up to US $ 1.3 trillion, four times the total revenues of the four companies Google, Apple, Microsoft and Intel. . In addition, personal device manufacturers like Apple also have a lot of profits every year. The market of these companies is not only limited to the Internet, but also introduced personal computing and other products in mobile phones, which greatly enhances the company's capabilities and value.

In 2007, the average price of a mobile phone was about $ 120. Some analysts believe that the price of cheap mobile phones will saturate the market. Since then, the price of mobile phones has dropped by 50%, while the sales of mobile phones have doubled. Double.

In mobile computing revenue, applications and services account for only the least part. The annual revenue of mobile advertising is only 9 billion US dollars, but this market has a lot of opportunities. In January, among the registered users of Facebook, the number of mobile users exceeded PC users for the first time, and the company's market value exceeded 6 billion U.S. dollars. The rise in its share price also reflected that the company will start to profit from mobile advertising.

There are also companies that have failed to make a profit in the mobile market. Microsoft has a small share in this market, and company founder Bill Gates also said that there are mistakes in its strategy. In 2009, Microsoft's share of the personal computer market was 90%, while the company's share of the smartphone, tablet and PC markets was only 23% at the end of 2012.

Today, smartphone sales exceed PCs, and in India, mobile network traffic also exceeds desktop network traffic. Traditional searches such as Google have declined, and people use their phones to search for restaurants to obtain information such as bus times and weather forecasts.

Many big companies have responded to the trend of the mobile market. Google is developing Google Glass to obtain more mobile revenue, but the prospect of this product is not clear, and the mobile market is still at an early turning point. According to statistics, 1.14 billion users worldwide have mobile computers, but there are still 5.8 billion people who do not, and more than 4.5 billion of them do not use the Internet at all.

The killer app for the mobile market is not angry birds, but mobile computing itself. Smartphones and tablets make the Internet and digital information more convenient and accessible. Mobile computing is still in its infancy, and there are still 6 billion people in this market that have not yet entered.

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