Power driver solutions for different LED lighting applications

Compared with traditional light sources, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have many advantages, such as low operating voltage, high energy efficiency, small size and directional light. They can provide extremely wide colors and white light without generating infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and because they are solid-state devices, they are mechanically strong, and they do not contain mercury. When properly designed and used, they can exceed The working life of 50,000 hours is much longer than that of a standard incandescent lamp. In addition, they are fully dimmable. These advantages make the application of LEDs more and more widely. Nowadays, it has many application markets, such as architectural landscape lighting, traffic lights, display screens, retail, small and medium-sized liquid crystal display (LCD) backlights, automobiles and solar energy. Lighting, residential lighting and even large and medium-sized LCD backlights have more and more room for development.

High-brightness LEDs are of great significance for lighting design, global energy saving, and innovative products, and are essential for the revolution of solid-state lighting. This revolution requires a holistic approach in which LEDs are integrated with power conversion and control electronics as well as thermal management solutions and optics.

Power solutions for LED lighting applications

As mentioned above, LEDs are essentially low-voltage devices; depending on the color and current, the forward voltage of the LED is between less than 2 V and 4.5 V. In addition, the LED needs to be driven with a constant current to ensure that the required brightness and color are obtained. This requires corresponding power conversion and control solutions that can adapt to different power sources, whether it is AC lines, solar panels, 12 V automotive batteries, DC power supplies or low-voltage AC systems, or even alkaline and nickel-based batteries or lithium-ion batteries.

As a leading global supplier of energy-efficient power semiconductors, ON Semiconductor focuses on using its own low-voltage and high-voltage technologies and expertise in power management solutions to meet the challenges of LED lighting: whether it is portable display products, Ballasts for automotive interior lighting or LED signal lights. In the following, we will combine a variety of different applications of LED lighting, such as architectural, industrial, automotive and portable applications, etc., to discuss the corresponding drive power solutions of ON Semiconductor.

1. Offline AC-DC switching power supply solution that can integrate up to 700 V high voltage FET

ON Semiconductor has extensive experience in converting power supplies from AC mains to available energy sources with power levels ranging from a few watts to hundreds of watts, suitable for many different applications. ON Semiconductor has developed a very high voltage integrated circuit (VHVIC) that combines high-voltage switching transistors and medium-voltage analog circuits to provide an integrated cost-effective solution for a wide range of power requirements. ON Semiconductor offers a variety of fixed frequency controllers and converters to integrate high-voltage field effect transistors (FETs) with voltages up to 700 V into simple, economical, and low-component-count solutions.

This type of solution includes three aspects:

* Monolithic AC-DC (AC-DC) constant current driver with a power range of 5 to 15 W, such as NCP1013, NCP1014 and NCP1028.

* NCP series offline controller, including both isolated and non-isolated type, power up to 150 W. ON Semiconductor provides reference designs with single-stage power factor correction (PFC) for street lighting.

* PFC solution

For lower power applications with power below 25 W (230 Vac), the most commonly used is an integrated power switching regulator because it can minimize the number of components. Above this power range, a controller can be used because it provides designers with flexibility in choosing the most suitable high-voltage FET for this application. The controller can be used in both isolated and non-isolated applications, and ON Semiconductor offers a variety of different value-added features that allow designers to optimize the design for their specific design requirements.

Figure 2 shows the reference design of ON Semiconductor's NCP1351 offline LED driver. The input power range of this reference design is between 85 and 265 Vac, which has the characteristics of small size, low cost, good line regulation, etc. It has 80% energy efficiency at 20 W load, and integrates overload protection and short circuit protection. Safety features, the maximum size is only 125 & TImes; 37 & TImes; 35 mm.

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