Learn these five strokes to easily distinguish the quality of LED line lights

Nowadays, the styles of LED line lights are dazzling. Many manufacturers respect the quality of their own line lights, low prices, long life, etc. There are also some expensive "brand goods". How do we distinguish the line lights? Good or bad, from which point to analyze, this small series of special questions collected a lot of information for everyone.

Analyze the quality of the line lights from the basic five points

First of all, look at the third article in the picture, this is an unused product, the same line lamp, the first paragraph: the line lamp is purchased from a small workshop and installed on the river bank to make the outline brightening, has been used One year, due to the serious yellowing, the brightness has not reached the customer's requirements, so it was dismantled. This is a model sent by a customer to us. Section 2: The line lamp is a line lamp that has been subjected to a one-year aging test in an outdoor environment, and the surface dust is wiped off. Paragraph 3: It is a line lamp that has just been put into use. You have seen that the difference between the three line lights is so big. You certainly don’t know that their appearance may be exactly the same, so how can we avoid it? Buying inferior line lights?

The first trick, look at the glue: the first line of light appeared in such a serious yellowing phenomenon after 1 year because the glue material is too bad, there are many inferior glues sold in the name of waterproof PU glue on the market, waterproof performance Poor, easy to turn yellow and dark, the same as the price of normal waterproof PU glue is very different, basically the price difference more than double.

The second measure, look at the aluminum material: ultra-thin aluminum material is easy to change, the aluminum material of the online strip lamp is selected, the regular manufacturer will first consider the heat dissipation performance is good, do you think the thicker the aluminum is, the better? In fact, otherwise, your makeup, the thicker the foundation, the better? Certainly not, if aluminum wants to be easy to deform and heat, it must choose a moderate thickness. You can't say that the thicker the aluminum is, the better. If the aluminum of the line is thinner, it is not the heat. The better? NO! The thinner the aluminum material, the worse the heat dissipation is. It is easy to squeeze and deform during installation, so it is not necessary to cut corners! The other is a cost-effective problem. If you want high cost performance, the manufacturer's materials must be controlled quite well.

The third measure, look at the lamp bead components: in the industry, the packaging manufacturers are also famous, so what Curry - Puri - Nichia - Taiwan Jingyuan, etc., but you can tell if this is not you Did you get the brand chip? There are some line lamp manufacturers who have buried their conscience. His quotation advertises how good the raw materials are. He holds a few cents of chips to pretend to sell big-name chips, but the price law has always existed. How could it be cheap to buy good goods? Customers are also self-deception, and they are willing to be deceived. Xiaobian is also drunk. There are some lamp bead brands in China that have been tested and improved over the years. Their craftsmanship and play are also very skillful and stable. According to your engineering cost, you can also choose some domestic brands. For example, Sanan is also a good brand.

The fourth measure, look at the choice of circuit board: aluminum substrate will certainly be better than fiberglass board? It is true that the quality of the line lamps, most of which use the aluminum substrate as the light source of the circuit board. Is the fiberglass board always labeled as inferior? This is not the case. I used to think that the fiberglass board products are not high-quality products. Later, after the technician explained, the glass fiber boards are also good or bad, and even better than the quality of the aluminum substrate. Whether it is an aluminum substrate or a fiberglass board, they are good circuit boards.

The fifth measure, look at the waterproof plug: LED market is really big, every year to start, customers will consult once: "There is no new price this year", some manufacturers are forced by this pressure, will reduce the material a little, but There are also some manufacturers that have lowered their profits to maintain their original customers. Waterproof plugs are also cheaper, but they are relatively poorly conductive, and have poor waterproof performance. They are easy to enter the water and cause leakage. Basically, the four-core plug is also very square. Not bad, although its price is high, but the overall stability can reach 99% waterproof, then 1% may not be tight.

Electric Water Kettle

If you are new to the concept of using an electric kettle, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of electric kettles that are displayed on the store shelves and have difficulty deciding which one would be the best to suit your individual needs or desires.  This introduction will give you some basic information about some of the features that are available on various types of electric kettles so that you can make a more informed decision when choosing one for use in your home.




Spend few minutes to boil : After 5 minutes, hot water will finish for you to drink.


3 protection functions : The on/off button is on the handle, making it easy to turn the kettle off when you pick it up.  A concealed heating unit reduces the amount of buildup in the kettle.

It will be a problem when you forget to close the button.Once the water boils the kettle shuts itself off.Do not have to worry about damaging it by letting it run dry. When water runs dry,It will cut the electric by itself.


Multiple Cups: Water can be loaded to 1.8Liter.


Materials :

Food grade stainless steel, more healthy and hygienic. PP handle wieh heat insulation material provides scald resistance. Durable controller performance with 360 degree rotation cordless base design.


OEM & ODM service : Try best to support you during production and provide better after-sales service.Enhance your brand popularity.



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Boil eggs.

Cook noodles.

Electric Water Kettle

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