Xinlong will bring the integrated plastic tube to the 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition

[High-tech LED reporter Gao Jinyu] LED lighting is difficult to promote in the civilian market, and its barrier is "price". At present, in the retail market, the traditional T8-1.2M-40W lamp can be as low as 5 yuan, and the same size specifications The retail price of LED tubes is around 40 yuan, and the price difference is still very obvious.

In the civilian market, this big cake will be easily abandoned. In order to seize the civilian market, LED companies control costs through various aspects through the development of new materials and new production processes.

Dongguan Xinlong Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinlong Optoelectronics”) launched the integrated plastic tube this year to minimize the cost of lighting accessories. “The integrated structure design is easy to install, free of brackets and lamp-free, which saves materials and labor costs for construction.” Liu Kaicheng, sales director of Xinlong Optoelectronics said.

A-68 (T8 integrated plastic tube)

A-88 (T5 integrated plastic tube)

At the 2013 Hi-Tech LED Lighting Exhibition, which will be held at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou on November 25th, Xinlong Optoelectronics will showcase its own integrated multi-plastic tubes for the first time.

In addition to the integrated structural design, the product is made of PC material instead of aluminum. "The use of PC materials is not as conductive as aluminum, it is easy to over-pressure, and it is easier to pass various certifications. We have now received 300,000 orders for all plastic pipes." Liu Kaicheng said.

SK6812 Digital LED Strip is one of single signal transmission full color led strip.

SK6812 is an intelligent internal control LED light source and each component is a pixel point.

Have same functions and same PCB With WS2812B, but difference is the SK6812IC can be inside and outside,Working Voltage is 5-24VDC. The Sk6812IC can be replace the WS2812B in some cases.

SK6812 Digital LED Strip

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