China's LED industry needs to face four major problems

China's LED industry needs to face four major problems Faced with the government and enterprises in full swing to carry out LED lighting industry, lighting companies in the LED lighting industry and the transformation of traditional lighting companies, experienced the development of heat, cold encounters, price cuts, how to adjust their own goals and product strategic positioning, still face Four questions asked.

First, the traditional lighting business transformation <br> <br> face the pain of the national local government "drastic" to promote the popularity of LED lighting, and LED lights "were praised," consumers face a new thing, the situation is not dare to accept. Traditional lighting companies are advancing in "contradictions", both wanting to seize "opportunity" and relying on traditional lighting business as a support. The difficult transition of traditional lighting company NVC Lighting is an example. After experiencing high-level turmoil, underlying strikes, and channel integration, it is still in the run-in period. Although the three senior executives are unanimously concentrating on developing LED lighting, the road is long and distant. , need to search from top to bottom. Therefore, traditional lighting companies how to balance the traditional lighting and LED lighting "shoufu attack" approach, how to better seize market opportunities, play channel advantages, to find a successful transformation of LED, is still a traditional lighting companies need to think about one of the issues.

Second, LED lighting products homogenization of the advantages of LED lighting In addition to energy-saving and environmental protection and low carbon and long life efficiency, etc., it can better achieve intelligent lighting system intelligent control, induction dimming technology, you can first design lamps and then light Wait. However, LED lighting products and traditional lighting products lack innovation and change. The design of lamps and lanterns is homogenous. Consumers do not understand the difference in light sources. In the face of the same lamps, they naturally prefer the original consumption habits. Homogeneous LED lighting products How lighting companies create differentiated lighting products for segmented markets are the primary rules for lighting company innovation.

Third, a price war
<br> <br> chip technology improved, resulting in excess capacity and other raw materials, LED lighting products, price cuts this is a development trend of the industry, but many businesses trying to profit from the presence on the market, shoddy, counterfeiting and other low-cost behavior Under the banner of "LED", "hanging the sheep's head to buy dog ​​meat" hurt the hearts of consumers and caused unfair competition in the industry. Such a price war is bound to undermine consumer confidence in emerging issues, lighting companies how to reshape consumer confidence, to create a cost-effective product, how to carry out promotional and channel activities is still the highlight of lighting companies.

Fourth, quality problems In September, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision carried out spot checks on LED lighting products, spot-checking self-ballasted LEDs produced by 21 companies in 7 cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Huizhou and Dongguan. Lamp products, a total of 23 batches, 17 batches of unqualified inspections, pass rate less than 30%. Even some of the more famous brands have failed products. Although LED lighting has the characteristics of long life and good light efficiency, it is all based on good raw materials and packaging technology. Once again, the quality question asks whether the products manufactured by the company's R&D, packaging, and heat-dissipating technologies can meet the requirements described by the product.

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