Qualcomm CEO: TD chip launched next year optimistic about China and the smart book market

Qualcomm CE launches TD chip next year, optimistic about China and smartbook market

According to Hong Kong media reports, Qualcomm, the world's largest chip maker, said on Tuesday that it expects to sell its TD-SCDMA chip in mainland China next year. Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs is very confident in the performance of the upcoming TD-SCDMA chip in the Chinese market. He said that Qualcomm believes that it can achieve a relatively high market share in China.

In addition, Jacobs also said that the company is expected to sell up to millions of chip products worldwide for new high-end terminal products between smart phones and netbooks-smartbooks.

Qualcomm is cooperating with 15 manufacturers to promote 40 related work on smart products. At present, Qualcomm has jointly developed a product model with Taiwan's mobile phone manufacturer HTC.

The market demand for smart books will be very strong. Jacobs said: "Smartbook has the characteristics of light weight and strong battery life. Compared with traditional PC products, I think this kind of products will be more popular with consumers."

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