Directional valve, what is the direction valve

Directional valve, what is the direction valve

The directional valve is a valve that uses the difference in the relative position between the valve core and the valve body to change the on-off relationship between different pipelines to achieve connection, cut-off, or change the direction of the liquid flow. It has a wide range of uses and many types.

The main requirements for the performance of the reversing valve are: 1) The pressure loss of the oil flowing through the reversing valve is small (generally 0.3MPa); 2) The leakage between the unconnected oil ports is small; 3) The reversing is reliable, Quick and smooth without impact.

Reversing valves can be divided into various types according to the valve structure, operation mode, number of working positions and number of control channels.

According to the valve structure: Spool Valve (Spool Valve), Rotary Valve (RotaTIonal Valve), Ball Valve (Ball Valve), Cone Valve (Cone Valve).

The operation modes of the valve are: Manually-actuated, Mechanically-actuated, Solenoid-actuated, Hydraulic OperaTIon, Electro-hydraulic OperaTIon, Pneumatic (PneumaTIc Operation).

The number of working positions and the number of control channels according to the valve are: Two-position Two-port Valves, Two-position Three-port Valves, Two-position Three-port Valves -position Four-way Valves), Three-position Four-port Valves, Three-position Five-port Valves, etc.

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