NAND cost advantage is obvious, NOR becomes tomorrow

NAND cost advantage is obvious, NOR becomes tomorrow

Market research organization Shui Qingmuhua recently released the "2009 Mobile Phone Memory Industry Research Report" that pointed out that NOR flash memory is a threshold at 512Mb. Above 350Mb, the cost of NOR flash memory increases rapidly. At the same time, NOR flash memory has a single application field and few application manufacturers; while NAND flash memory has a larger capacity, the cost advantage is more obvious, the application field is wider, and there are more application manufacturers. The mobile phone market is changing rapidly. Now the life cycle of each mobile phone is usually less than 5 years, and NOR's most powerful advantage, "longevity", no longer exists. Although the cost of NOR flash memory has also dropped significantly after entering 65 nanometers, only Spansion is focused on the NOR field. In the field of NAND, Samsung, Toshiba, Hyundai, Micron, Intel and other powerful manufacturers gathered. Any problems encountered by NAND have been invested by a large number of researchers. Spansion, which used to be the number one mobile phone memory, withdrew from the stage.

Above 350Mb, NAND replaces NOR flash. For the capacity of mobile phone NAND memory, most manufacturers initially believed that it was not necessary to be too large, because it can rely on an external memory card to achieve a large capacity. When a few manufacturers launched models with built-in large-capacity NAND memory, they were obviously more popular in the market, and other manufacturers followed suit. Now most of the internal NAND flash memory capacity of mobile phones is getting larger and larger, the largest is as much as 32Gb, and eMMC is boosting, making the worst smartphones also have 1Gb NAND capacity.

Development Trend of Mobile Phone Memory Configuration from 2007 to 2012

Source: Shuiqing Muhua Research Center

Currently, 100% of smartphones use NAND + RAM memory configuration, and about 60% of high-end mobile phones also use NAND + RAM memory configuration. Low-end mobile phones generally use NOR + RAM type memory configuration, and most low-end mobile phones use single NOR type memory configuration.

Except for Apple, Sony Ericsson and Nokia, all smartphone manufacturers use Samsung's high-capacity memory. Toshiba has a very high market share in the middle. However, Nokia strongly supports Toshiba's eMMC, and its high-end market should have more room for development. Numonyx's main customers are Sony Ericsson, Chinese black phone manufacturers, Apple, and Japanese manufacturers. The lack of RAM support has led to the slow development of its NAND + RAM type memory. Spansion's core technology is in the NOR field, which is seriously missing in the NAND and RAM fields. Micron and Hyundai are rising stars, both of which are powerful in the field of NAND + RAM and have the ability to seize Samsung ’s market share in the future. Hyundai has entered into the Motorola supplier field, and LG is very likely to become a modern customer in the future.

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