Play games to eat food and two KFC without mistakes show "Colonel sofa"

Eskimo For many people, the arrival of the holiday means that you can enjoy food and play video games with impunity. In order to allow you to take care of both, KFC recently demonstrated its design of the so-called "cold sofa."

The island table in the middle of the Colonel's sofa set its own place for the original chicken, chips, sauces, and drinks. It also has four 3L soft drink dispensers, wet wipes, and even a dream gravy fountain.

At the same time, the sofa itself is quite comfortable, not only with built-in speakers at the armrests, but also with LED strips at the bottom. Putting such a sofa at home, we have an excuse to play the game forever.

Unfortunately, KFC does not intend to really sell the Colonel sofa, but will use it in the upcoming KFC vs games.

Source: TechRadar

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