Millet Purifier 2 - Must-have artifact

[IT168 Beijing Quotes] With the advent of winter, the PM2.5 index has risen straight, and many students have heard that the smog index has exceeded the score! We all know that PM2.5 is a great danger to the human body and can cause lung diseases and bronchitis. In the outdoor, we can wear a mask to reduce the inhalation of pm2.5. Then we need an air purifier that is effective and affordable in the room. It can absorb indoor PM2.5 and protect our health. Then the millet purifier 2 is your best choice. 【】


At first glance, you will be defeated by its appearance. The simple white rectangular body, while adsorbing pm2.5, also beautifies the living environment, giving people an elegant beauty. Do not look at him is not big, take up space not much, but the performance is very good. Unlike other air purifiers, millet purifier 2 uses a mixed-flow booster fan to absorb other harmful substances such as benzaldehyde while adsorbing PM2.5. The air in a 20- to 30-square-meter room can be cycled in only 10 minutes, making it ideal for home use. At the same time, its sleep mode operation noise is as low as 31 decibels, which is equivalent to whispering, and will not cause any interference to our lives. In addition, it also added a temperature and humidity sensor that can be used for humidification. At the same time, it can also use the mobile phone APP to check the air quality in real time, adjust the working mode, and provide more convenience.


In addition, millet air purifier 2 has a very beautiful price, an air purifier is only 699 yuan in Jingdong, genuine guarantee, responsible for distribution by Jingdong. Together with the filter element, it is estimated that on a daily basis, spending only three dollars a day can reduce indoor pollutants and provide security for our safety. Even if we can't change the haze outside, we can breathe fresh air. What are you waiting for? Act now! 【】

Soon to join the QQ group "mammoth elephant Tao Da people", you want cheap good things, everything!

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