LED white light on the theater stage

Abstract: LED white light is used in the theater stage to have its own advantages. It uses LED white light to make surface light, slap light, column light, top light, flow light, etc. It solves the problem that the color temperature of traditional lamps is not uniform and solves the problem. The problem that the color temperature will change with the change of illumination provides the possibility of unifying the recording effect and the effect of the stage performance, which brings great convenience to our work. The emergence of the new LED white light has created different conditions for solving the dramatic performance and recording effects, and provided an opportunity to solve this problem.

[Keywords] LED white light color temperature white balance computer light drama performance recording unified

LED white light has been used for stage performances for some years. As early as 2010, LED white light was promoted and applied as a green lighting in theaters. However, I have always had some objections to the new light source of LED. I always feel that this kind of lighting is used in the performance of the theater stage, which is not particularly ideal. The reason is that in addition to being able to save energy, this type of luminaire is not very useful. The light is turbid, the penetrating power is poor, and the color rendering index is not ideal. Especially the dimming is not precise, and zero light can not be achieved. This is a fatal flaw for the stage lighting, which cannot be used in the theater stage. It is a great destruction of the theatre atmosphere.

During the Guangzhou Light and Sound Exhibition in the spring of 2015, I saw new products of LED white light (such as Fangda, Haoyang, Yajiang, etc.) and then got a new understanding of LED white light (imaging light, spotlight). These new LED white lights not only completely achieve zero light, but also compared with tungsten lamps, in the case of high precision of thyristor dimming (such as 1024), its dimming ratio tungsten lamp It must be delicate and precise. This point (compared to Fangda Lighting Factory) has overturned the previous view of LED lamps and has a great affection. I feel that LED white light is used in theatrical performances. It will bring great convenience to the performance and will have the effect that other lamps cannot replace. Of course, what I am talking about here is the convenience brought by LED white light to our theatrical stage performance, that is, the use of new technology instead of LED white light. If I talk about technology, I am not a layman. I would like to talk about the advantages of LED white light from the stability of color temperature of LED white light, easy to use, convenient adjustment of white balance, etc. It is also my personal understanding of LED white light.

First of all, let's talk about the convenience that LED white light brings to us in terms of uniform color temperature. In traditional light, the lamps used in the stage of theatrical performances, such as the face light, the slap, the pillar light, the top light and the flow lamp, are almost all tungsten lamps. The color temperature of these lamps is low, generally at 3200K. Most of the lamps used as backlights and glare are computer lights, LED pars and LED dyeing lamps. Their color temperature is high, generally 5600K. In this case, the color temperature imbalance in the theater stage performance will be caused. There is not much problem for the audience in the theatrical stage performance, but there will be great problems in the recording, which will cause great inconsistency between the stage effect and the recording effect in the performance. It brings a lot of trouble to the work and brings us a lot of confusion. Because white balance is difficult to adjust in this case, the color temperature of white light such as face light, slap light, column light, top light, and ground light will change with the change of illuminance. Face light is sometimes weak, sometimes strong, and sometimes no face light. Therefore, the color temperature is not easy to determine, and in this case, the white balance that is transferred is not accurate. We often encounter such problems at work. Sometimes the camera asks how much the color temperature of the face is. It is difficult for us to answer. We can only tell them that it does not exceed 3200K, because the surface light will change. In theatrical performances, the lighting moment changes with the drama emotions and music changes, and each change of the lighting will contain multiple levels. For example, in a dance drama, the change of the light sometimes starts with the skylight, makes a silhouette effect, and then flows, backlights, etc., layering and dimming. This is different from the recording of TV programs. In the recording of pure TV programs, the illumination of the surface light is basically unchanged, and the color temperature does not change. The stage performances are different. This is also the difference between the stage performances of the drama and the changes in the lighting of the TV programs. It is also one of the reasons why the effects of the stage and the recording effect are different. However, almost all of the current theatrical performances will be recorded. Whether it is recorded by a professional team or recorded by itself, solving the problem of uniform color temperature will basically solve one of the problems of different theatrical performances and recording effects. The use of LED white light for surface light, slap, column light, top light, flow light, etc., also solves the problem of uneven color temperature, and solves the problem that the color temperature of the surface light changes with illumination. Because the color temperature of the LED white light does not change with the dimming change, its color temperature is relatively fixed. Practical experience tells us that when the color temperature of the white light is about 4200K, the recording effect and the stage performance are ideal. This is very easy for the LED white light, which brings great convenience to our work. The emergence of the new LED white light has created different conditions for solving the dramatic performance and recording effects, and provided an opportunity to solve this problem.

Of course, computer lights (spot and wash) can also solve these problems, but it has many inconvenient aspects compared to LED white lights.

The first stability problem. The brightness of the computer will change with the length of use. The longer the computer is used, the lower its stability, which may be related to the aging of electronic components. But these technical problems are not what I want to talk about, and I don't understand. I want to talk about the trouble that this instability brings to our users.

The lighting position is one aspect. If the computer light is used to make the surface light, the computer light will cause uneven surface light. The light time is very uniform, and the light is distinct (performance area and non-performance area). The position is completely different, the bright place is not bright, the dark place is not dark, it will be counterproductive, and the stage atmosphere in the design is completely different, which affects the effect of the performance. Because the spot light of the running position of the lamp will also be affected, the original position is determined, and the effect is good. When the time is used, the spot light has changed, causing the actors and photos not to be together, and the atmosphere is greatly discounted.

Overheat protection and automatic defoaming of computer lights is also an important issue. Many computer lights, including imported computer lights, have different degrees of defoaming. These problems may be related to the heat dissipation of the lamps, aging components, ventilation, and lack of maintenance. These technical aspects are not the problems I can talk about. This is also the lighting designer. The lack of knowledge will have serious consequences for the lighting workers. If the computer light is used as the spot light, the spot light may disappear, affecting the performance and causing a performance accident. In the case of surface light and bokeh light, uneven lighting will be caused, and the lighting work will be abandoned.

The color temperature and illuminance of the computer light are also a problem that affects the performance of the show. After the computer light is used for a period of time, the color temperature and illumination will be reduced to different degrees, and the light sources of different brands will also be different. Therefore, we must first test when using, and it is convenient to use one by one. Of course, the difference in color temperature is not particularly obvious to the naked eye, and it will have a great impact on the recording of stage performances.

The size, weight and power consumption of the computer light are also not comparable to the LED white light. This is also one of the reasons why LED white light is not as convenient. The excessive size and weight of the computer light affects its use in the theater. Many theaters, especially the old ones, are inconvenient to transport the computer lights. The surface light groove and the surface light channel, the weight of the lamp, and the position where the surface light is placed are all problems, and it is very inconvenient to install the lamp, and the power of the computer lamp is higher than that of the LED white light lamp, and the power consumption is also large, and some The theater light does not provide so much power, and the individual wiring is neither standardized nor safe. There are also theater lights that cannot be installed with computer lights. Designers often place computer lights on the front of the auditorium on the second floor to solve the problem of face light. However, for the surface light, the projection angle of this position is too low, which is not ideal.

These problems in the use of the computer lamp itself make the computer lamp not be able to be compared with the LED white light when used as a face light white light. The LED white light lamp is not only small in size, light in weight, stable in color temperature, and has no running position. Auto-foaming and other factors that affect the use. Therefore, LED white light has its unique advantages and advantages in theatrical performance. This LED white light can be widely used in theaters and other performance venues, which will provide us with a lot of convenience.

So, does LED white light have only advantages and no shortcomings? Is there any problem in the stage performance? Of course not, everything is not perfect, LED white light is the same, it also has many shortcomings, such as The power of LED white light is relatively small, and it is difficult to access point light sources and single high power light sources, and the illumination is relatively low. If you need high-illumination and large-area light to make effects in the stage performance, LED white light can't be done. It can't achieve the effect like a neon lamp and the impact on the stage. It can't be as explosive as the stage backlight, and it can't be achieved on the stage like a xenon lamp with a strong single light source. Light and shadow effects. These are the regrets of our lighting users, and we hope that our theater stage lighting workers can achieve them. It is also the different pursuit of lighting by the stage lighting and TV lighting workers.

Technology is progressing and equipment is developing, which is inevitable. The new light source of LED will also have new breakthroughs driven by the development of science and technology. LED white light is no exception. With the needs of the market and the designer's pursuit of the stage effect, new equipment will be produced. One day, it will produce LED white light that is more suitable for theatrical stage performance. It must not only have precise dimming, but also high power and high illumination. It can be similar to point light source. LED white light fixtures with high brightness, large area and reasonable light quality add luster to our stage, providing designers with the greatest possible possibilities.

Personal profile:

Bai Wenguo, male, worked in the Art Department of the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe and the Stage Art Department of the Chinese Opera Academy. He is currently teaching the lighting design department of the Art Design Department of the Beijing Dance Academy, a master's tutor, an associate professor, and a national first-level stage film and television lighting designer. He has performed performances in Germany, Switzerland, France, the United States, and Australia.

Awards: It has won the Dance Academy Award, the Beijing Excellent Lighting Design Award, and the Outstanding Drama Award.

Social Honor: Member of the Stage Film and Television Professional Committee of the China Lighting Society, member of the Art Professional Committee of the Beijing Chaoyang Planning Art Museum, and project expert of the “Development and Integration of Sound and Light Imaging System for the Four-Dimensional Space Acrobatics Stage” by Guangzhou Hedong Electronics Co., Ltd.

Personal works: dance dramas, dramas, musicals, children's dramas, TV evenings.

Publications: National core journals published papers "Lights, Paintings and Prose", "On Light Design of Dance Theatre", "Talking about Talent Cultivation in Lighting Design", textbook "Optics, Electricity and Control".

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