Analysts estimate that iPad Pro will ship less than 3 million units in the fourth quarter

Market research firm DIGITIMES Research observed that Apple (Apple) introduced the largest iPad Pro in history in the September 2015 presentation. DIGITIMES Research believes that iPad Pro with keyboard and iPad Pencil will cost more than $1,000, and will face a cheaper Macbook Air, a new Surface Pro 4 that is more difficult to achieve business efficiency than the same price level, plus panel supply restrictions. It is estimated that shipments in the fourth quarter will be less than 3 million units.

Apple's iPad series includes the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the slimmer 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4, and the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. Among them, the iPad Pro is close to the previous news in terms of naming, hardware configuration, price and equipment. In addition to the size breakthrough, the iPad Pro enhances the screen resolution, processor and speaker functions, and the rest follows the iPad's existing design.

Apple Pencil, which was launched with the iPad Pro, has the appearance and elegance of traditional pencils. It is patented with Apple's own stylus. In addition to accuracy and pressure, it is better than most styluses. To achieve the thickness of the brush strokes. In addition, Apple has developed with Microsoft (Microsoft) to use Apple Pencil in Office applications, showing its attempt to use Apple Pencil to create the enterprise productivity application market for the iPad series.

According to DIGITIMES Research, the iPad Pro comes with a keyboard and stylus, and the price is as high as $1,067. The price is not more than the $899 MacBook Air. In addition, the price range of the full iPad Pro is close to the upcoming Surface Pro 4 keyboard, but considering the hardware performance and productivity applications, the iPad Pro will not be able to outperform the Surface Pro 4 in terms of productivity.

In addition, according to the information collected by DIGITIMES Research, the IGZO panel used by the iPad Pro is currently only supplied by Sharp, the second supplier LGD can only be supplied in small quantities in November, and the supply of Samsung will wait until 2016. This caused the iPad Pro to start shipping only in November, and its fourth-quarter shipments will be between 2.5 million and 3 million units.

As for the overall iPad series price, Apple's lowest price 16G version of the iPad mini 2 in the product line, from $ 299 to 279 US dollars, but also 32GB iPad mini 2 and 32GB iPad Air increased by 30 dollars and 50 respectively The US dollar is clearly showing that Apple is still unwilling to sacrifice gross profit to expand the market when the iPad faces a mature market or even a recession.


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