Huizhou Natural Gas Power Plant Cogeneration Cogeneration Project Seventh Batch of Auxiliary Equipment 12th Package 6kV Copper-Core Crosslinked Polyethylene Insulated Steel Strip Armored Polyethylene Sheathed Flame-retardant Power Cable Tender Notice

Under the entrustment of Guangdong Huizhou Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Tenderee” or “Buyer”), the tendering of equipment for the above-mentioned project and the services thereof are publicly invited. The potential bidders (hereinafter referred to as bidders) who are interested are invited to The request of the announcement is to apply for registration.

The LNG power plant has an initial phase of 3×390MW (F class), and it has expanded three sets of 460MW F-level improved, highly efficient one-to-one-shaft cogeneration gas-fired steam combined cycle units. Each combined cycle unit includes one (1) low NOx gas turbine (hereinafter referred to as gas turbine), one (1) gas turbine generator, one (1) steam turbine (hereinafter referred to as steam turbine), and one (1) turbine Generator, one (1) heat recovery boiler and related auxiliary equipment. Units #4, #5 and #6 are expected to be put into operation in December 2017, March 2018 and June 2018 respectively. The host adopts M701F4 type gas turbine and 150MW turbine produced by Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., and its supporting generators are produced by Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Motor Co., Ltd. The waste heat boiler is produced by Dongfang Hitachi Boiler Co., Ltd. Horizontal, non-combustion, natural circulation waste heat boiler.
Bidding number/package number Equipment name Quantity/Unit
(According to technical specifications)
0612-1640A4300294/12 6kV copper core XLPE insulated steel tape armored PE sheathed flame retardant power cable See technical specifications
For details, see the second volume of "Commercial Conditions" and the third volume "Technical Specifications" of this tender document.
(1) The bidder shall be a legal entity within the territory of China that is a corporate legal person within the territory of the People's Republic of China that responds to bid invitations and participates in bid competitions, and has the power to conclude contracts independently.
(2) Manufacturers who have the ability to design and manufacture similar auxiliary equipment and performance in the tender section of the design, manufacture, sales, and approval of the relevant national authorities.
(3) The bidder should have good bank credit and business reputation, not be ordered to suspend business or go bankrupt, and the assets have not been reorganized, taken over and frozen; bidders should be legally and financially independent, legally operated and independent For the bid solicitor, the bidder has not directly or indirectly hired or has hired the tenderer, and the company that has produced the technical specifications and other documents or provides consulting services for the bid invitation includes its affiliates; the legal representative is the same person. The two or more legal persons, the parent company, the wholly-owned subsidiary and its holding company shall not bid at the same time in the same goods bidding; legal persons, other organizations or individuals that have a stake in the tendering party and may affect the fairness of the tender, shall not Participate in bidding.
(4) This tender does not accept bids in the form of consortium.
(5) Before registration, the bidder must establish an enterprise credit file (IC card) at the Guangzhou Public Resource Trading Center. Note: The integrity file (IC card) should be within the validity period. .
The bidder must provide 6KV cross-linked polyethylene cable equipment for manufacturers and bidders at least 2 power plant projects in China from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2015 (stand alone capacity of 300MW and above, each project Not less than 20 km) performance. If there is any inaccuracy, the tenderee has the right to reject the bid.
(2) The bid documents provided by the bidder shall be the contract agreement that clearly shows the project name and scope of supply.
4. Bid applicants who are interested and meet the eligibility requirements of Article 3 of this announcement must register and submit the “Guangzhou Construction Project Bid Application Form” before registering.
5. In this project, qualified bidders who meet the qualification requirements of Article 3 of this announcement shall apply for the registration and other relevant formalities according to the requirements of this tender notice; otherwise, the bid registration will be invalid. The specific arrangements and processes are as follows:
5.1. The date of the tender announcement and the arrangement for bidding registration:
Announcement date: February 15, 2017 - February 20, 2017.

SCSI Connectors

A Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) connector, also pounced as [scuzzy" connector, is used for physically connecting and transferring data between computers and peripheral devices.

SCSI is the small computer system interface, which is an independent processor standard used for the system level interface between computer and intelligent devices (hard disk, floppy, optical drive, printer, scanner, etc.). It is an intelligent universal interface standard, which has the function of communicating with various types of peripherals. SCSI uses the standard software interface of ASPI (SCSI programming interface) to make the driver communicate with the SCSI adapter installed inside the computer. SCSI interface is widely used in high-speed data transmission technology on minicomputers. SCSI interface has many advantages, such as wide application range, multitask, wide bandwidth, low CPU utilization, and hot plug.

SCSI connectors type and interfaces

Centronics 50-pin connector: The Centronics 50-pin connector was once the most widely used SCSI connector. An external connector only, the Centronics is a SCSI-1 connector that looks the same as the Centronics cable that attaches to a parallel port printer. The Centronics 50-pin cable comes in male and female styles, and gender changers and cable converters are commonly available. Although used on older SCSI devices and external drive enclosures, this interface is no longer heavily used, due to its slow speed and short cable lengths.
High-density 50-pin connector: The high-density 50-pin connector is used on scanners and Jaz drives. It is one of the more common SCSI connectors and is usually used to connect SCSI-2 devices. Both ends of the cable are usually 50-pin male, while the sockets on the host adapter and external devices are 50-pin female.

DB 25-pin connector: The DB 25-pin or D Sub 25 is by far the most widely used connector. This connector is used for parallel and serial printers in addition to the many other devices available. Both ends of the cable are usually 25-pin male, while the sockets on the host adapter and external devices are 25-pin female. This cable is almost always an external connector.
Note: DB-25 SCSI CABLES are not compatible with and should not be used as serial or printer cables; serial cables and printer cables should not be used or attached to DB-25 SCSI adapters. You can short out the SCSI host adapter or the motherboard by using the wrong cable. Marking cables is the best way to avoid this.
IDC50 connector: The IDC50 is the most common internal SCSI connector. It is very similar to the standard IDE internal ribbon cable. The IDC50 SCSI cable is considerably wider then an IDE ribbon cable; in fact, it is usually the widest standard internal cable in use. This is a standard SCSI-2 10MBps internal SCSI cable. Many low-end cables have only two or three connectors, allowing for one or two devices to be attached to the cable. Seven-device cables are available, though they are often expensive and require a large case, as the cables may be four or five feet long.
High-density 68-pin connector: The high-density 68-pin connector is the SCSI connector of choice for SCSI-3 host adapters and peripherals. There is an internal ribbon cable version that looks very similar to the IDC50 connector. Many low-end cables have only two or three connectors, allowing for one or two devices to be attached to the cable. Seven-device cables are available, though they are often very expensive and require a large case, as the cables may be three or more feet long. Both ends of the external cable are usually 68-pin male, while the sockets on the host adapter and external devices are 68-pin female.

SCA 80-pin Micro-Centronics connector: SCA stands for Single Connector Attachment, a type of disk drive connector that includes connection pins for the power cables as well as the data wires. A SCA connector uses an 80-pin plug and socket to connect peripherals. This connector combines power, data channel, and ID configuration for fast installation and removal. SCA connectors are typically found only on high-end SCSI hard disks. The SCA interface was designed to provide a standard connection for systems using drives that can be hot-swapped. SCA makes swapping SCSI hard drives much easier than with traditional SCSI cables, plugs, and sockets. An adapter enables SCA drives to fit into standard SCSI enclosures.

SCSI SFF 8482: Also called "4x internal" by some vendors. This is a connector with the same form factor as SATA with the addition of a "bump" to key it specifically for SAS. (SATA drives can be plugged into SAS controllers, but SAS drives will not function with a SATA controller; hence, the necessity for the key bump on the connector.) As the name says, it's meant to be used internally, i.e., inside the computer case.

SCSI SFF 8484: Also called "32-pin" or "MultiLane". This is a high density connector usually intended to plug into the motherboard, controller, or backplane itself. Cables with this connector on one end usually have four individual SFF 8482 connectors on the other.
Serial Attached SCSI SFF 8470: Also called "4x external" by some vendors. This is simply a version of the SFF 8484 that's meant to be used with external (i.e., not located within the case) drives.

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