FPGA-based AC motor driver current controller 4

1. The reason why FPGAs are used to implement control functions is to make full use of their parallelism, which greatly reduces the computational delay. In a high-performance motor speed control system (when the cost of the control system is increased compared to its overall cost), the bandwidth of the control system will be greatly provided, resulting in higher speed performance and stability. Of course, "parallelism" is not infinite. In terms of algorithm decomposition, there are always some key "bottlenecks" that cannot be paralleled; from the perspective of FPGA, it is not unlimited parallel, and there are timing constraints. Etc. Limiting the length of an FPGA's internal wiring. Regarding the decomposition and parallel execution of algorithms, there are many books and materials. Parallel computing is also becoming a trend, so it is not described here. 2. If you write completely with the hdl code, the workload will be extremely large; for the more intuitive, you can use the system generator tool to directly produce; for some slower, such as human-machine interface, rs232, etc., you can use EDk A soft core is programmed to simplify the programming process. 3.Actel's "SmartFusion" series; SmartFusion is the industry's only programmable logic device with Cortex-M3 hard core that handles both analog and digital signals. The mixing of analog and digital signals is also a must for a motor control system: the acquisition of signals, for example, involves AD, and the action of the actuator necessarily produces digital to analog operation, so I think there should be more cost-effective chips in the future. appear. The combination of analog signals and high-frequency FPGA digital signals will also be a huge challenge for our design: comparing analog signals is too susceptible to interference. [[wysiwyg_imageupload:13:]] The Xilinx Analog-to-Digital Converter (XADC) is a stand-alone 12-bit, 1MSPS analog-to-digital converter using the same architecture as the previous VirtexTM products. In addition to general purpose analog integration, the XADC module includes temperature and power sensors to dramatically increase the reliability and safety of the FPGA. Xilinx flexible mixed signal;

Dual Mining Power Supply 2200W

The power supply is 2200W conversion efficiency of 90+
Support graphics card 8, video card 6+2pin 16
Gold medal stability is strong
Gifts: power line 1:1 distribution
Voltage : 180v-220v 50Hz 10A
Name:Mine Chassis Power Supply
voltage : 180v-264v
PFC Type:active PFC
Power: max power 2200W
Appropriate Type:Ethereum Mining Power Supply 2200W
-The output of the product is rated at 2000W to ensure the stability of the power supply.
-Packaging thickness of 2CM of cotton, effectively reduce the logistics process damage!
-Product material is strong, durable, to prevent wear.
-18 AWG copper output line, the output interface is rich.
Output Interface:
20+4P *1 piece
CPU 4+4P * 1 piece
6+2P * 16 pieces
Package Included:
1 x Power Supply

1x power cable

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