The source of the development of industrial Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT is not just for consumer applications. In fact, because of the increasing number of sensors and devices connected to the cloud, the services that the Internet of Things can provide have enormous potential for growth in the industrial arena. The Internet of Things and M2M connectivity cannot be confused because they vary widely. Traditional M2M is often based on proprietary technology in a closed environment, while the Internet of Things provides an open environment that leverages the accessibility and services of standard Internet in the same way that humans use the Internet. This degree of openness allows the gas sensor to alert the operator or send a message when a problem occurs, which is not easy to achieve in an M2M system.

With the connectivity of the cloud, the application of the Internet of Things in the industrial market is very useful.

Smart Manufacturing : Manufacturers are applying wireless connectivity technology to their products or production lines to improve manufacturing processes. With integrated wireless connectivity, manufacturers can better capture information from the cloud system to identify and resolve any issues early in the product. Manufacturers also want to use connectivity to gather information about field devices. This information can help them find vulnerabilities and monitoring devices, and can implement wireless upgrades of software and firmware that were previously impossible.

Building Automation : Similar to factory automation, building automation can also use the connected sensors to control the switch of the lights according to room usage and dynamically control the HVAC system for energy optimization. Predictive maintenance is also one of the advantages of building automation, which ensures timely maintenance and repair, which reduces costs.

Smart City : Connecting the various facilities in a smart city to the Internet of Things can enhance and improve the use of electricity and water consumption, such as using electronic meters to increase usage. Smart street lights connected to the Internet and monitoring and traffic control monitors connected to the cloud make the city run smoother. In addition, sensors throughout the city can detect gas and water pipe leaks, thus ensuring the safety of citizens and the normal operation of the city.

Other markets : Deploying the Internet of Things around the workplace can improve employee health and safety. Wearable devices and healthcare monitoring devices connected to the Internet can improve people's overall health. The vehicle Internet of Things can also provide an infotainment system that makes the car lighter and improves fuel efficiency, while car cable bans and predictive maintenance can also save the user's maintenance costs.

Many of the examples mentioned above are also found in the consumer market. However, the Industrial Internet of Things is different from consumer applications. Due to the environment in which they are used and the specificity of the supporting applications, industrial applications often require different interfaces and protocols, and can maintain robustness in the presence of noisy, environmentally variable and controlled delays, while also requiring a high degree of security and reliability. Sex.

In addition, the development speed of the industrial market is much slower than that of the consumer market, so the improvement of the Internet of Things technology takes a long time. Predictive maintenance, monitoring, and data analytics can increase production or work environments, and the economic benefits of combining them with appropriate hardware and software solutions provide strong support for the future development of IoT systems. Everything is just a matter of time.

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