Cool open big content TV summer movie and TV drama depends on it

We will have a summer vacation soon! What are the summer plans for our young partners? Go travel? The hot days are not afraid of sunning small Guan Gong! Go to the cinema? Single dog afraid to be harmed into a sieve! Hearing about the latest 50-inch A2 HiFi big content TV, the latest release is not to be afraid. Buy it and send it for two years.

JBL A-class HiFi audio, 9.9mm ultra-thin 4K HD screen, Mstar6A938 flagship chip, brings an immersive audiovisual experience for the small partners! To me, the whole one in the living room, listening to the window outside the summer whining noise nest Air-conditioning eating watermelon watching the TV on the sofa is summer vacation with ah! Next let Xiao Bian tell you what drama this summer is worth chasing!

NO.1 old nine door

As the hardcore powder of Nanpai uncles, it is not enough to talk about the life of the old nine doors! Mysteriously touched the historical origins of the Jinshi family, plus one vote of the young cadres of old meat. The old nine doors must not chase!

NO.2 Fantasy City

To tell the truth, Fantasy City is the first Guo Jingming novel written by Xiao Bian. When he was in junior high school, he secretly watched it under the Chinese textbook for a long time. Can he still remember the Protoss contest between the Ice and the Fire? Do you still remember the grudge plot between Carso and Sakura? Just search for a fantasy city of Dingzhuang can make you look beautiful!

NO.3 诛仙青云志

The first two days of L surnamed Xiao Wei was arrested for drug use by many netizens, but there was no good for them! Fortunately, the hot pot of the National Male and the National Husband took away all the misunderstandings! So the buddies can continue Eat melons and other things to see the fairy celestial cloud, and see how the Tu Pa version of Zhang Xiaofan how to reborn in the fighting between the magical power!

If you don't speak up, you'll be chasing a show! A cool TV set is all set. In addition to the premiere of popular IP dramas such as the old Nine Gates, Fantasy City, and many more surprises! This summer, cool open takes you high!

Pistachios please arrogantly say: handsome people are already watching the show, ugly people are waiting for updates!

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