Sofa butler 2 birthday, OTT industry all walks of life blessing!

September 16, 2015 is destined to be a day to be remembered by the OTT industry! Today, as the best quality smart TV application market in the country, the sofa butler has finally ushered in her two-year birthday. What's more significant is that in the early morning of September 16, the sofa butler has just completed 300 million applications on the application market. Breakthrough in software downloads! A best birthday gift for the sofa butler's 2nd birthday.

Looking back on the past, in the past two years, the sofa butler has received support from numerous manufacturers, media, and millions of users in the OTT industry. The sofa butler has also continued to improve and improve, giving people who have always paid attention to and loved the sofa butler. The best answer. At this festive moment, the vast number of sofa butler users and OTT industry circles have sent affectionate blessings to the sofa butlers. Let us come together to watch it.

Today's WeChat circle of friends has almost been swiped by the sofa manager's 2nd anniversary greetings, and it is no less than 1,000 to receive praise and blessings from WeChat friends! And it continues to rise! Who are you looking at?

There are more blessings and love from our friends. Although they have not been shared, they are well remembered by all the students of the sofa butler, and will be turned into more powerful forces in the days to come. Good tomorrow! The future of sofa butler, you, me, dream!

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Sterilization Card Bags

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