MacBook or will support LTE network, no longer have to find WiFi everywhere

There are many mobile phones supporting 4G LTE, but the notebook does not seem to have seen it. According to foreign media reports, Apple is likely to develop MacBook notebooks that support 4G LTE networks.

A recent patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows that Apple is designing an antenna that can be incorporated into the Macbook's housing to connect to the LTE network. However, Apple will apply for many patents each year. This will often become a source of media content, but not every one will achieve it. This patent was filed this year and it is estimated that it will take another few years.

According to reports, as early as 2008, Jobs said that he had the intention of launching a Macbook that supports mobile networks, but he eventually gave up on this idea because he did not want to clutter the product line. In addition, although LTE-enabled notebooks solve the problem of not having Wi-Fi, this demand is not strong, and at a critical moment, mobile phones can share hotspots.

Even without LTE, coming later this year to upgrade the MacBook Pro to be expected, according to previous reports, the new version of the Macbook Pro will be thinner, and built-Touch ID, the function keys above the keyboard will be replaced by OLED screen. Also worth the sad news is that Apple may give up the 11-inch MacBook Air, because its recent upgrades are just adding new colors, increasing memory, which is not the attitude of treating core products.

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