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Introduction: In order to prevent all kinds of theft, theft and robbery from happening in the society, various industrial surveillance cameras have been installed. The big ones have the eyes of the public security department, the small ones have stores, and the company and the factory's industrial surveillance cameras. Currently, surveillance cameras are beginning to develop in the home field, but they involve a lot of problems, such as home privacy issues, ease of operation issues, installation compatibility issues, video pixel issues, network transmission problems, system stability issues, etc. On the other hand, if the above problems can be solved and done, it is believed that the home market will be successfully opened.

Brand story

Netatmo is from France, the company's flagship product is "Welcome home surveillance camera" and "Netatmo weather station" at the CES Consumer Electronics Show, Netatmo launched this new home network smart camera - Welcome, is the industry's first The home monitoring product with built-in facial recognition technology, through built-in facial recognition technology, can easily record the facial features of each family member and record, identify the strangers the family visits, and promptly push messages to the user's mailbox and mobile phone APP to remind user.

Netatmo Welcome Home Surveillance Camera with dimensions of 45 x 45 x 155 mm, housing with local gold anodized alumina tube and black matt transparent plastic, 130 degree wide-angle lens, 4MP image sensor, resolution up to 1920 x 1080P, wired network connection 10/ 100Mbit, wireless network support 802.11b/g/n network standard, data storage support Micro SD card storage and FTP remote server storage, Micro SD card maximum capacity supports 32GB (includes a 8GB Micro SD class 10 memory card). Internet-level routing is supported, but public hotspot connections are not supported. The client app supports iOS 8 or later, Android 4.3 or later.

Product out of the box

I am very honored to have tried this most advanced home surveillance camera, which is based on deep learning face recognition algorithm, FTP server storage, alarm monitoring and other functions, very powerful, worthy of our attention.

The box adopts an environmentally-friendly, recyclable rigid carton design that graphically illustrates the basic parameters and functions of the product and is visually intuitive.

The back of the box is multi-language commentary. It is available in four languages: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. It provides choices for users in different language environments and helps users quickly understand product performance and functions.

The side of the box gives a brief overview of some of the unique features of the Welcome camera.

This product only released a local color gold smart face recognition surveillance camera, aluminum alloy shell, I once thought it was very heavy, but after the author's actual test, not very heavy, about two to three hundred grams.

The Welcome Smart Surveillance Camera has a cylindrical design with an integrally molded aluminum case and a black matt transparent plastic housing. The bottom and top are relatively flat, suitable for placing it on the table, suitable for ground clearance. About meters, and do not place in the light, high temperature environment. The front black part of the surveillance camera is a variety of status indicator areas and voice collection areas for the machine operation, and it is also a wireless signal receiving and dispatching area, which effectively guarantees the lossless transmission of Bluetooth signals and wireless signals.

Welcome intelligent surveillance camera has a small oval opening on the back of the camera, a white plastic panel with a Micro SD card slot, a standard Micro USB power connector, and a standard RJ-45 wired 100 Mbps interface. At the same time, the manufacturer gave a Class 10 Micro. SD card, 8G capacity for offline storage. Cylindrical design is more avant-garde fashion, compared with the hanging surveillance camera, more personalized, with the lower panel behind, more conducive to the stability of the surveillance camera to stand after the wire is inserted.

The supplied power adapter, power adapter plug, 4 different national standard plugs, the user can actually choose the appropriate plug according to their home outlet, in addition to provide a data transmission cable to the computer (used for computer USB port installation surveillance camera), flat broadband data Transmission line, visual length is about 3 meters. The accessories are relatively complete, and the supplied power adapter plugs are relatively abundant, suitable for use in many countries, and have a wide range of application, and can be completely carried to foreign countries for use.

According to the position and direction of the card slot, the power adapter plug can be easily inserted into the power adapter, and a click sound can be heard when the plug is inserted, which means that the monitoring camera is securely connected during use. The material is made of white hard plastic, with fine workmanship and full use of materials. It is harder to hold in your hand and more secure for your products.

Camera installation

Welcome intelligent surveillance cameras can be networked in two ways. One is through the mobile APP client for networking. The second is through the computer installation wizard for network installation. However, unfortunately, both installation methods must be installed below the level 1 router. , otherwise the installation is unsuccessful.

First, through the mobile phone APP client to monitor the installation of network cameras, this surveillance camera supports wired, wireless networking, as long as the upper-level routing is a router, according to the mobile phone APP operation tips, it is easy to connect the surveillance camera into the network.

By connecting the Welcome surveillance camera via the mobile phone APP, the power supply cable needs to use the original power adapter to prevent damage to the surveillance camera. After all preparations are completed, you can use the mobile phone APP to perform network operations.

The operation of the mobile phone APP is very foolish. The graphical installation instructions are based on the above steps to complete the network installation of the surveillance camera. Some users of this process may need to try several times to install successfully. There are two key nodes during the installation. First, the surveillance camera must be inverted. The phone can search for and connect to the surveillance camera through Bluetooth. Secondly, the SSID of the upper-level network connected to the camera must be a level-one router and a router that can access the Internet. Otherwise, the same network fails. In general, this kind of connection method was the first time I met, and after experiencing many failures, I realized the correct connection method. I hope my experience can make latecomers less detours.

Connected through the computer, you must meet the most basic connection conditions of the first-class router, landing netatmo official website, enter my netatmo, suggesting that you need to download the installation wizard, download it.

After the download is successful, open the Welcome smart surveillance camera installation wizard, follow the steps and instructions to connect the Welcome smart surveillance camera, this time you need to use the standard Micro USB data cable, after connecting, it takes a long time, This is a computer that automatically searches for surveillance camera devices. After searching, it jumps to the next step.

This step can be connected wirelessly, or through a wired connection. After the entire setup process is complete, unplug the data cable and replace it with a power adapter with a power adapter. If you do not change it, either the phone or the computer is logged in. The surveillance camera cannot be used normally.

Use and settings

The first time you log in, you need to register. After you register, you can use the Welcome smart surveillance camera in the background.

The registration and login interface of the mobile phone APP is very simple and refreshing. You can also click on Welcome to find out how to use or operate.

Before entering the mobile phone APP, the very warm tips provided are just like entering the hotel. The front desk gives you some warm tips, very intimate and humane.

After entering the mobile phone APP, you can view the current video surveillance. When entering the camera for the first time and being photographed, the system automatically selects a clear avatar for the user to customize the avatar without customizing it. The surveillance camera is considered to be a stranger or intruder. If the user goes out to work or goes to work, the surveillance camera is set to restore it to the highest alert level. Not only monitoring the video, but also monitoring the sound, but not all sounds are monitored. Only the alarm sounds from the alarm. The surveillance camera starts monitoring and informs the owner.

According to the actual situation of the family, the user can make detailed settings on the Welcome smart surveillance camera to meet their own requirements for monitoring.

By turning on the setting security code, security monitoring is turned on/off to protect privacy from infringement. Through e-mail settings, receive unstable information related to account security, and upload the video monitored by the surveillance camera to its designated web server by setting up the FTP server. Even if the surveillance camera is temporarily offline, the user can remotely view the data stored in the server. Video image of the previous time. The video image supports custom settings for video resolution. Users can set their own video recording resolution according to their own home network bandwidth, up to 1080P.

Netatmo Welcome smart surveillance camera three main features: a new generation of face recognition technology, alarm detection, FTP server storage. After actual use, the face recognition technology of this surveillance camera is quite high. The system automatically takes a screenshot and asks the user to determine who the avatar is. The next time it encounters a similar avatar, the system automatically determines whether it is a stranger or a host.

The intelligent face recognition technology of Welcome surveillance camera is very good, providing users with three different choices. The first time it is definitely to be identified, positioning it as a male master. After the surveillance camera encounters the male owner, it will appear in the lens and it will automatically Match avatar library, determine whether it is a male master, sometimes the system can not determine, the avatar with a question mark, and prompt the owner to identify the avatar, while recording the avatar matching library, as long as the male owner into the surveillance camera lens, will be displayed directly "See the male owner."

By setting the security code to turn on/off the Welcome Smart Surveillance Camera, it is also possible to manually adjust the surveillance camera to the highest alert level if no one is at home.

The Netatmo Welcome smart surveillance camera supports many functions. Through the settings in the above figure, you can customize the surveillance camera to meet the needs of different users.

After the actual use, open the FTP settings, in fact, the video resolution can not be set, but directly skipped, for unknown reasons, but this does not affect the use of surveillance cameras, and the recorded video is not 1080P HD video. Personally, this surveillance camera has the function of automatically identifying the bandwidth. According to the network bandwidth, it automatically matches the best video resolution to achieve smooth viewing.

Netatmo Welcome intelligent surveillance camera customizes the owner's time at home/not at home. It does not appear in the camera for a period of time. It means that the owner or other family members are not at home. It also supports the customization of strangers and sports. Record video.

Knowing the function of the portal is not like this surveillance camera, it is said for Netatmo TAGS.

The Netatmo Welcome intelligent surveillance camera's alarm detection function is very practical and at the same time very important. It plays a great role in monitoring the family safety.

Through the status bar in the figure above, a small power cable is used incorrectly, and the system can easily detect it. It is enough to see that this surveillance camera is very smart.

Use summary

Netatmo Welcome smart surveillance camera looks stylish, avant-garde, but also more alternative (as opposed to hanging surveillance cameras); this camera supports wired and wireless connections, 100Mbps bandwidth is not large, but it is used to transmit 1080P high resolution The video is sufficient; the installation of surveillance cameras supports Android, Apple, and computer installation. The compatibility is relatively strong. Although the installation process is relatively tedious, it is easy to succeed by contrasting the built-in graphical installation instructions. Unique face recognition The technology is very powerful and the identification is accurate; offline storage completely eliminates the concerns about the security of the user's privacy; the unique sound monitoring raises the family's security level to a new level.

Recommendations: Netatmo Welcome smart surveillance cameras do not support public WIFI hotspot connections. Although there are security concerns, some home users who use DHCP dynamic or static connections cannot use them. Some use secondary routers, third-level routers, or even four-level routers. Internet users can not use the home, virtually no more quasi-users, it is recommended that manufacturers optimize it to meet the different network home users.

Aluminum Circuit Board

Aluminum circuit boards is a metal-based copper clad plate with good heat dissipation function. Generally, the single layer is composed of three-layer structure, which is a circuit layer (copper foil), an insulating layer and a metal base layer. Also used for high tech use is designed as double layers, the structure is circuit layer, insulation layer, aluminum base, insulation layer, circuit layer. A very small number of applications are multi-layer boards, which can be made of ordinary multi-layer boards combined with an insulating layer and an aluminum base.

Aluminum PCB characteristics
● Surface Mount Technology (SMT);
● Extremely efficient treatment of thermal diffusion in circuit design;
● Reduce product operating temperature, increase product power density and reliability, and extend product life;
● Reduce product size and reduce hardware and assembly costs;
● Replace the fragile ceramic substrate for better mechanical durability.

Aluminum PCB use:
● Audio equipment
Input, output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, etc.
● Power supply equipment
Switching regulator, DC/AC converter, SW regulator, etc.
● Communication electronic equipment
High frequency amplifier, filtering appliance, reporting circuit, etc.
● Office automation equipment
Motor drive, etc.
● Automotive
Electronic regulator, ligniter, power controller, etc.
● Computer
CPU board, floppy disk drive, power supply unit, etc.
● Power module
Inverter, solid relay, rectifier bridge and so on.
● LED lighting
With the promotion of energy-saving lamps, various energy-saving and beautiful LED lamps have been well received by the market, and aluminum PCB used for LED lamps have also begun to be applied on a large scale.

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