STM32F051K4U6 pin diagram each chip pin definition

STM32F051K4U6 pin diagram, each pin is defined as follows:

STM32F051K4U6 pin diagram
STM32F051K4U6 package: UFQFPN32

STM32F051K4U6 parameters:

Program FLASH (kB) 16

RAM (kB) 4

Operating frequency (MHz) 48

16-bit timer 8

32-bit timer 1

A/D converter 1x12-bit

D/A converter 1x12-bit

Communication interface 1xSPI/I2S; 1xI2C; 1xUSART; 1xCEC

I/Os 27

Voltage (V) 2 to 3.6

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