Li Zhi and New Switching to 8-inch Fab

Although Texas Instruments (TI) still stated that it will continue to expand its market share in global analog IC market in 2012, Taiwan’s analog IC makers and Zhixin’s main line of power management IC products are also starting from mid-2011 to early 2012. After entering the 8-inch wafer factory for mass production, the current cost structure has a higher level of strength compared with foreign companies. It reflects the margins and profitability of Lixin and Zhixin in the fourth quarter of 2011, which are more conservative than the market. Expect much better. Looking forward to the first quarter of 2012, after the end-customer's backfilling of inventory was relatively large, Li Zhi and Zhi Xin Duo positively viewed the first quarter revenue and profit growth rate.

Due to the fast delivery of the 12-inch wafer fab and the reduction in unit cost per chip, Texas Instruments strives hard for market orders such as motherboards, NBs, panels, mobile phones, Netcom products, and digital cameras. , resulting in Taiwan's analog IC suppliers have always been relying on the growth of the subject of market growth has been hindered, but the first-line analog IC suppliers such as Li, Zhixin began to shift the main power management IC from 6-factory to 8-inch wafers After the plant's production, the Taiwan-based analog IC supplier bluntly said that if there is no unit cost advantage of crystal grains, why do they need to switch to the factory? This means that in 2012, first-tier Taiwan-based analog IC design companies will again have more strength with Texas Instruments.

Taiwan-based analog IC access providers also pointed out that to observe the market strategy of Texas Instruments, before 2011 mid-year, it was first to seek market share, but after mid-2011, it began to select orders with higher gross margins to do, basically Deyi Still do not need to look at the Taiwan factory less than 10% of the global analog IC market share in the eyes, foreign analogy! The market share of over 70% of IC suppliers is the focus of Texas Instruments. As a result, Taiwanese analog IC design market share in the 4th quarter of 2011 was squeezed to the extreme. In 2012, the latest cost reduction plan for each plant was released, and the market share is expected to rebound.

Including Taiwan TFT panel factory, digital camera, NB and motherboard manufacturers in the fourth quarter of 2011 under the excessive contraction, there have been signs of fairness in the first quarter of 2012, Taiwanese analog IC design industry pointed out that After the Chinese Lunar New Year, customers have strongly demanded that the level of inventory in the factory should be restored to the normal level of more than 4 weeks.

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