"Powerful Giant Color" Cup 2014 LED Screen Industry Brand Awards Ceremony

"Powerful Giant Color" Cup 2014 LED Screen Industry Brand Awards Ceremony

On December 12, 2014, the "Powerful Giant Color" Cup 2014 sponsorship ceremony organized by HC LED screen network was held in Beijing Huicong Industrial Park. This year's brand event featured the theme of "cohesion of brand strength and development of enterprises". More than 300 people from LED industry association experts, business leaders, media counterparts and purchasers of purchasers attended the brand event.

As the annual LED display industry event, the current HC Network LED screen industry brand event has been the support of the majority of industry insiders. Experts present at the ceremony included: Guan Jizheng, Chairman of the China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association Display Application Branch; Zhao Handing, Secretary General of the Large Screen Projection Display Equipment Branch of the China Electronics Video Industry Association; Wang Huanzhang, Secretary General of the Outdoor Advertising Subcommittee of the China Advertising Association, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Zhou Zhiqiang, Secretary-General of the Science and Technology Committee; Cao Lin, President of the China Academy of Stage Arts; Hui Fang, a partner of HC Network, and Wei Fang, General Manager of LED screens of HC. In order to expand the influence of communication, the scene has also invited nearly 100 professional dealers, engineering companies, system integrators and other professional buyers to witness the glory moments of LED display companies, including Beijing airline passengers from the advertising media industry. Liang Xingyu, Marketing Director of Advertising Co., Ltd., and Ouyang Guozhong, chief brand officer of AirMedia, represented representatives of heavy-duty LED screen procurement operators. The companies that won the 11 awards of this brand event also sent their own middle and senior leaders to attend the award ceremony.

At the same time, this event was also received by Shenzhen TV, Beijing TV, Xinhua, People's Daily, Sina, Netease, Sohu, Tencent, Phoenix, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Business Daily, Shenzhen Evening News, Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily, and Southern Metropolis. News, Aladdin lighting network, China LED network, ofweek semiconductor lighting network, Guangdong LED and other more than 30 media attention.

In 2014, companies continued to deepen their efforts in such areas as resource integration, channel construction, and market segmentation. Facts have proved that the industry reshuffle integration will continue in the next few years, and only to avoid product homogeneity and price melee, and constantly strengthen the brand strength in order to remain unbeaten in the competition flood.

"Cohesion of brand strength, and help the development of enterprises." In order to promote the spirit of the industry, enhance brand value, and promote positive energy development, HC LED screen network organization planning 2014 LED display industry brand event selection. The companies that were shortlisted for this year's top ten branding event can be said to be a big wave of scouring and smashing. They have been highly praised by the market once and again, whether in product quality, technological innovation, brand effect or corporate influence.

The awards ceremony kicked off with a passionate performance. Immediately afterwards, Hui Fang, a partner of HC360, and Weifang LED screen network general manager Weifang, first took the stage to deliver a speech. She stated that in 2014, the Led industry shuffled its efforts somewhat, the industry developed more steadily, but in the real competition However, it appears to be more intense. For the majority of Led companies, the most urgent task to be solved is how to create a higher market value in a relatively low-lying economic environment. Mr. Wang Huanzhang, Secretary General of the Outdoor Advertising Subcommittee of the China Advertising Association, who later took the floor, stated that under the support of the national policy, the LED industry will have a large and relatively long period of development in the future. All companies should repair their internal strength and make preparations. I will not be left behind. At the same time, the LED industry must maintain stable development and must abide by industry rules and jointly resist unfair competition behavior. As the enterprise of the exclusive brand name huicon LED screen network brand for three consecutive years, Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang, general manager of Xiamen Qiang Cai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., expressed that it is a great honor for Giant Color to win 2014 HC Network LED screen industry top ten brand selection. The campaign's overall naming rights, and the strong willingness to work together with industry colleagues to accept the challenges and take responsibility for the advancement of the industry to make joint efforts, wonderful speeches received warm applause from the people present.

Subsequently, awards for major awards were presented. With the attention and applause of more than 300 industry professionals on the site, the representatives of the top 10 brands took the stage to receive the award and witnessed the honorable moment of the LED screen industry.

Won the "Strong Giant Color" Cup 2014 HC LED screen industry top ten brand awards have far-reaching significance and impact, for the self-breakthrough of the winning companies will undoubtedly have a role that can not be ignored. Annually elected annual brands have become typical samples of China's LED display industry. Through the annual brand, people can become familiar with the annual new face of China's LED display industry, perceive the true temperature of China's LED display industry, and witness Chinese LED display companies. Go ahead.

As the highlight of this award-giving event, the industry-leading forum was held at the award ceremony of the LED screen industry brand event organized by HC Network. The tripartite representatives of industry experts, manufacturers, and terminal procurement operators gathered at the same stage, focusing on the “small distance between LED displays”. The development opportunity and challenge of the Blue Ocean Market, the opportunity and development brought about by the M & A in the LED industry, and the future situation in the advertising media field are the topics to be discussed. In the fierce conflict of views, we discuss the industry's new dynamics and exchange experiences.

The guests present at the forum included: industry experts representing Guan Jizhen, Chairman of the China Optics & Optoelectronics Industry Association Display Application Branch; Wang Huanzhang, Secretary General of the Outdoor Advertising Subcommittee of the China Advertising Association; Cheng Deshi, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. Mr. Wan Feng, General Manager of Linkage Culture Co., Ltd., Mr. Liang Xingyu, Marketing Director of Beijing Skywalker Advertising Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wu Wei, Chief Strategy Officer of AirMedia. In-depth discussion of industry hotspots and future trends, the six guests in the LED industry in the hearts of the naked mind in the open and fully exposed, for the LED industry is now increasingly fierce competition situation are also showing great confidence.


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