2014 audio and video and home appliances channel most concerned about the hot text TOP20

The development of human technology is quite rapid, from the early vinyl record player, black and white TV to the current multimedia speakers, LCD TVs and smart TVs, as well as various other household appliances around our lives. It can be said that over time has accumulated There have been earth-shaking changes.

At the end of the year, let us review the development and dynamics of the audio, video and home appliance industry in 2014.

TOP1 active noise reduction application is the key point

Active noise reduction

At present, environmental pollution does not only refer to water pollution and air pollution. Noise pollution is also a concern. In the practice of human noise pollution prevention, two technical genres are gradually formed, one is passive noise reduction (also known as passive noise reduction). Physical noise reduction), one is active noise reduction (also known as active noise reduction). The technical feature of passive noise reduction is to use various characteristics of the material, to isolate the noise source, to reduce noise by damping, damping, etc. The passive noise reduction technology has a significant effect on high frequency noise, but for a large number of ubiquitous low frequencies. The roaring effect is not good. In the face of low-frequency noise, active noise reduction technology has its own unique advantages, and it is gradually beginning to increase its volume. Especially with the increasing demands of consumers for mobile communication and multimedia applications, the competition of electronic products is becoming increasingly fierce. Experience has gradually become an important factor in product competitiveness, which has also contributed to the rapid growth of active noise reduction technology applications.

TOP2 who will occupy the protagonist position of the 2014 TV industry

As a TV practitioner, I think the concept of 4K will be a very important development direction for TVs in the future. Let's talk about them in detail.

For the TV industry, these years have been all kinds of eye-catching: from the popularity of 3D TV in 2012 to the outbreak of smart TV last year, then which word will be the protagonist for the 2014 that has already arrived?

TOP3 MEMS Microphone: The Future of Hearing Aids

The hearing aid market is growing due to an aging population and a significant increase in hearing loss, but its conspicuous shape and short battery life have caused many people to lose interest. As hearing loss becomes more common, people will seek smaller, more effective, higher quality hearing aids. The front end of the hearing aid signal chain is a microphone that detects speech and other environmental noise. Therefore, improving audio capture can improve the overall performance of the signal chain and reduce power consumption.

Smart TV

TOP4 TV industry: 2013 keywords are smart TV and 4K, 2014 to fight for soft power

In the past 2013, you must remember the keywords of two TVs, one is smart TV, and the other is 4K. Both of these keywords need to have strong soft power, because the 2014 TV hardware may not have any big surprises.

Remembering smart TV is because a group of Internet companies such as Xiaomi and LeTV have entered the TV industry. Due to its squid effect, the whole industry has become very active, from the domestic six tigers in the TV industry to the recent transition from PC. Lenovo has focused on smart TV.

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â– Chemical corrosion resistance
-- Fingerprint-resistant zinc plated mounting brackets
â– Grounding
  --One-piece grounding design,No Load-Weather resistance

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