Glory V8 plunge to 2099 yuan this week Jingdong sales TOP10

[IT168 shopping guide] At present, with the continuous improvement of online shopping platform, more and more users choose to purchase digital products on the Internet, and the most representative of several major e-commerce sites will be Jingdong Mall. Jingdong Mall has won the favor of consumers with its fast logistics and after-sales processing. In this article, the author counts the top ten products in the Jingdong Mobile Phone Sales List at this stage. If you also want to buy a product, For smart phones, you can use this list as a reference.

This week there are a lot of new machines on sale or pre-sale, such as the front dual camera vivo X9 [click to buy], hardware upgrades plus one mobile phone 3T [click to buy], in addition to some new color of the machine is also open to purchase For example, Nubian mini S black gold version [click to buy], Nubian Z11 Aurora blue version [click to buy], Samsung S7 edge coral blue/silver drill powder [click to buy] version and so on. For consumers, these phones have their own unique selling points and are worth considering.

In addition to the new machine, this week there are also mobile phones for price promotions. Among them, three models are worthy of attention, Glory V8 straight down 400 yuan, it has a 5.7-inch 2K display, dual camera, all-metal ultra-thin body, 3500mAh battery, it can be said is more versatile mobile phone; ZUK Z2 has been Since it is the cheapest mobile phone equipped with a Snapdragon 820 chip, it will now be priced down again, only 1099 yuan, directly hit the thousand Yuan machine market; Finally, the 360 ​​mobile phone flagship version is also a price reduction of 100 yuan, with double Camera, all-metal body, mobile phone with 3700mAh battery capacity is only 799 yuan, is it a very good value?

Jingdong Mall Sales TOP10 This Week (Price was updated on 2016.11.25) Product Name Product Key Features Jingdong Lowest Price Glory V8 Flagship, 2K resolution, dual camera, straight down 400 yuan 2099 yuan [View] ZUK Z2 Cheapest sales 820 Mobile phone, and then drop 100 yuan 1099 yuan [View] 360 mobile phone flagship version of the old high-end flagship fell into a hundred yuan machine 799 yuan [View] One plus 3 ultra-thin mobile phone, Snapdragon 820 + 6GB shipped, spot 2499 yuan [View] Le Pro3
Xiaolong 820 processor, 4+32GB RAM 1799 yuan [View] Xiaomi 4c Xiaolong 808 processor, colorful body, small screen high performance 699 yuan [View] Red rice Pro dual camera, large battery, straight down 400 yuan 1099 [View] Millet Note large screen double-sided glass, limited buy 888 yuan [View] nubia Z11 mini straight down 200 yuan, thousand yuan best camera phone
1099 yuan [View] Red rice Note3 4000mAh battery 3399 yuan [View]

Preparation: IT168 mobile channel will recommend some value-added mobile products and digital peripherals every day, and prices will be updated in real time. If you miss the good-value recommendation of the day, you can follow our weekly collection of quality!

Glory V8: Glory's flagship phone straight down 200 yuan only 2099 yuan []

In terms of appearance, Glory V8 equipped with a 5.7-inch 2K screen resolution of 515 ppi, and with 94.5% color saturation and 2048-level backlight adjustment, making the aircraft can bring more realistic and delicate display. Glory V8 front has no physical function buttons, on the back, Glory V8 uses metal integrated body design. Together with the 3D drilling and cutting edge design and micron-level spraying technology of the sandblasting process, the Glory V8 presents different metallic textures at different angles. At the same time, the hand grip and wear resistance are also improved a lot compared to the past.

In terms of configuration, the Glory V8 is equipped with a Kirin 950 processor and uses a 16nm FinFEF+ process. 4GB + 32GB storage combination, running EMUI 4.1 (based on Android 6.0) to ensure the smooth operation of the phone. In terms of network, Glory V8 has two versions of mobile and Netcom, and it has a V8 Netcom high-end version with Unicorn 955 available. On the camera side, the Glory V8 uses a 12 million dual camera design, imaging superior. 8 million front camera can also meet the needs of users for self-timer.

ZUK Z2: Built-in Snapdragon 820 flagship chip is only 1099 yuan []

About ZUK is actually Lenovo's Internet mobile phone brand, and ZUK Z2 is Lenovo's new product after adjusting China's market strategy, because this mobile phone is more conscientious than any previous Lenovo products, such as exquisite design and hardware on the design. Sufficient mainstream, service, and value are even closer to the people. The body part of the ZUK Z2 adopts the popular double-sided 2.5D curved glass design. At the same time, in order to prevent the glass body from being contaminated by fingerprints and other defects, ZUK added a stain-resistant and dirt-resistant coating to the machine, and the design of the back is also Very simple and elegant, it can be said that there is a good appearance in this price advantage.

As the most cost-effective Snapdragon 820 mobile phone, ZUK Z2's hardware part naturally can not be underestimated. In addition to the 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 processor, a 5-inch 1080p display is also used. This special offer also uses a 3GB RAM+32GB ROM memory combination. In addition ZUK Z2 also comprehensively enhance the camera's camera function, equipped with Samsung's latest generation of 2M8 CMOS sensor 13 million pixel camera, with 1.34μm pixel area and F / 2.2 large aperture characteristics, but also contains 5P KT high lens and high brightness Flash, and 8 million pixel front-facing lens to support the beautiful shot. It also includes fingerprint recognition, dual SIM dual standby, 3500 mAh battery, and a custom UI system based on Android 6.0. Each configuration is very balanced.

360 mobile phone flagship: old flagship cabbage price is only 799 yuan []

The 360 ​​mobile phone is equipped with a 6-inch 1920*1080 resolution screen, covering 2.5D arc glass, and the interface between glass and metal frame is very smooth. Due to the use of a 1.4mm ultra-narrow frame, the whole machine does not appear bulky. The back of the fuselage is made of metal, rear dual camera, dual color temperature flash and fingerprint recognition module. The network supports dual card dual standby and supports full network access.

In terms of hardware configuration, the 360 ​​mobile Qiqiu flagship adopts the Xiaolong 808 processor platform, with 3GB of running memory and 32GB of body storage space. Although it is a model introduced last year, it can still meet the needs of daily use, and then Fighting for a year is not a problem. Cameras equipped with IMX278 + IMX MONO dual 13 million pixel camera, whether it is day or night, its imaging quality in most mobile phones can occupy a place.

One plus mobile phone 3: finally spot selling! Price 2499 yuan []

For consumers who have always been concerned about one plus brand, the one plus three biggest bright spot is undoubtedly the simple design of the body and the all-metal work materials, and for this reason one added a lot of energy to the appearance of polishing, and This also makes its feel, details and design better than the previous products, and it is no less inferior to the domestic flagship with the same price. In addition, as a fever-level configuration product, one plus three also use the mainstream flagship configuration, such as 5-inch 1080p screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 6GB RAM, 16 million pixels (IMX298) and many other aspects, and 2499 yuan The price is also very close to the people, no doubt it is a fully covered metal flagship model.

It is worth noting that one plus three brings its own "Pixel Select" technology. In simple terms, after each shot, it will take a series of 16 million pixels and then select one of them. Lets you take pictures faster and also make imaging more effective. The other one plus 3 is also equipped with a 3000 mA battery, supports 5V/4A fast charging, and has a dual-card full Netcom feature, running on Android 6.0.1 hydrogen OS, simple and efficient operating logic is the core of hydrogen OS idea.

Le Pro 3: The highest cost-effective phone for only 1799 yuan []

Le Pro3 continues the ID design without borders, and the whole unit has a strong integrity in the state of blank screen. The front of the camera body adopts a symmetrical design. And Le Pro3 in the use of CNC metal fuselage design based on the body back cover to add a brushed metal processing to further enhance the texture. In addition, Le Pro3 also used a coating process on the back cover surface, which still looks like the coolness of metal, but it feels very delicate.

In terms of hardware configuration, the LePro3 has a hardware configuration that is currently categorized as a flagship machine, a Snapdragon 821 processor, and 4/6GB of running memory, and is written for UFS 2.0 reads and writes. The camera adopts the Sony IMX 298, which is currently used in flagship models, and has 16 million pixels. It supports DTI pixel isolation technology and effectively improves the picture purity. And also equipped with a 4070mAh large capacity battery, up to 24W charging speed. Run a deeply customized EUI system and integrate LeTV's powerful content resources to meet any audiovisual needs.

Article summary:

The reason why most people are willing to buy mobile phones in Jingdong Mall is that, besides product quality and after-sales service, it is also directly related to the express delivery of Jingdong Mall. It can eliminate your long wait for your favorite mobile phone. . So although Jingdong Direct will be tens of dollars more expensive than other third-party stores, we still recommend buying it. Every week, we will pick out the products that Jingdong Mall sells popularly and present it to everyone in the form of TOP10 ranking list for recommendation of purchase.

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