Deng Chaohua, Chairman of Langeng Lighting: 25 years of brand road

[Text|High-tech LED lighting channel fire] In 2015, Langeng Lighting promoted "New Deal" and released "New Products". 25 years of tempering and accumulation will become the foundation of Langneng Lighting in the LED era.

Following the signing of the 6 million Chengdu Station, the first stop of the Langeng Lighting National Tourism Investment Promotion Association, the roving investment promotion conference with the theme of “One City, One Agency, and Langeng Green” will advance into Hangzhou and Linyi.

On May 22nd, Langneng Lighting waited for you in the Wanlian Hall on the 4th floor of Hangzhou Wanhua International Hotel! On June 25th, I will meet again. “High-tech LED lighting channel” exclusively undertakes the Langeng Lighting Series Touring Merchants Association.

In 2015, when the field of LED circulation became more mature, Langeng Lighting integrated resource advantages and clarified the relationship between joint ventures, and fully returned to and deepened the domestic circulation channel market with the principle of focusing on brand, quality and responsibility.

To this end, Deng Chaohua, chairman of Langeng Lighting, focused on the industry: Langeng Lighting focused on product and channel quality in a new round of channel competition, forming a new core advantage, allowing businesses to have longer-term cooperation confidence.

"LED Lighting Channel": In terms of product quality and after-sales service that merchants and consumers are most concerned about, what specific measures will Langeng Electric have to maintain the brand's reputation? At a time when LED price wars are heating up, many companies have “shrinked” the warranty terms and years. How does Langen Lighting surpass its peers and deliver on its promises in this respect? Langeng Electric has set up a channel after-sales service line. What is the specific operation process? How is the business reaction?

Deng Chaohua : " Good quality and perfection." The brand reputation of Langeng products has always been advertised as "thickness", that is, the product reputation of "exquisite craftsmanship, reliable quality and stable image". We also cherish the precipitation in the past 25 years. We will adhere to this feature in terms of product quality. We will continue to carry forward this as always, and implement GB and other indicators and test on the safety, performance and reliability of our products; In terms of after-sales service, we implement the distributor distribution responsibility system and operational responsibility system to achieve the ultimate in time and space.

Deng Chaohua, Chairman of Langeng Lighting

Many companies have "shrinked" the warranty terms and years. Because of the vicious competition in the market and the quick success, we will not participate in such a sensational game. We will tell consumers the true price/performance ratio.

The after-sales service process is similar to everyone's, mainly to be implemented in place. Customers' investment can be face-to-face service by local distributors. The follow-up of the factory must be quickly responded and timely, only the dealers will satisfy the customer service, the factory Satisfied with the dealer service, everyone is satisfied.

The dealer responded to Langen Lighting Changsha dealers: the quality improvement of the terminal market, “changes, general rules”, starting from 2015, the first investment conference of Langeng Lighting, a city and an agent, was successfully held in Chengdu. The horn of Langyuan's terminal market layout has been blown, which has aroused strong repercussions in the entire industry. Recently, the Gaogong LED National Tour Research Group entered the Changsha Nanhu Market and interviewed Ms. Luo Lin, the agent of Langneng Lighting Hunan.

“The agent has been lighting for 15 years. Starting from the ordinary dealers and becoming the core distributor of Langeng Lighting in Changsha, we have always had deep feelings for Langeng Lighting. A proxy lighting conference has brought us a lot of shocks, and the Hunan market will also hold a business conference in recent days." Luo Lin told this reporter.

Merchants seriously understand the new products of Langeng Lighting

“In the past few years, the confidence of Langeng Lighting dealers was not very good. In addition, the LED era, the channel war is fierce, and some dealers have been lost. In 2015, we will re-deploy the terminal market, and we hope that the headquarters can see the terminal market. Demand, deepen internal reforms, and do a good job in service and support for dealers." When talking about the proposal for Langneng headquarters, Rowling said so.

“Now, Langneng has made a big change in LED lighting. Recently, LED new products, many styles, high price ratio, high quality, have been favored by dealers and consumers.” Luo Lin At present, Langneng's new LED lighting has been highly praised.

“Langneng now has nearly 400 distribution and cooperation outlets in the Hunan market, but there are not many specialty stores, and the terminal channels are not well displayed. This year, Hunan’s core distributors will act in concert with Langeng’s headquarters to upgrade the terminal channels in Hunan’s market. We have already reached a cooperation intention with a decoration company in Changsha. If the following customers are willing to do the store of Langneng, we can complete the store decoration in one week.” Luo Lin told this reporter.

Outdoor Mobile LED Display description: in order to meet the requirements of all-weather performance and performance rental, outdoor LED mobile rental screen is particularly important. Its appearance makes up for the requirements that indoor LED mobile rental screen cannot achieve. Also compared with the traditional outdoor scenery, the grade is not high enough, the display content is single, affected by the environment, the wind is easy to deform, the heat is easy to change color and so on. Outdoor LED rental screen completely makes up for the shortage of traditional scenery.          

outdoor screen

Outdoor Rental Led Display features:        

  1. The brightness is high. In outdoor mobile performance, the brightness is required to be more than 5000cd, otherwise the screen can not be seen clearly due to the influence of sunlight. The brightness of our outdoor performance screen is above 5000cd, which can be used all day.          

  2. It has strong UV resistance. It can be used outdoors for a long time due to the influence of sunlight. The lamp beads do not fade, but the color is still bright and the light is slow.         

   3. Outdoor LED mobile rental screen, with rain proof and dust-proof grade up to IP65, rain and wind are unimpeded, and rain proof cloth is used to prevent weather and rain.        

  4. The cabinet body adopts die-casting aluminum box structure, with good heat dissipation performance and high levelness.        

5. For large-scale outdoor performance activities, the screen body can be shaped to form the same picture and split screen picture. For example, part of the screen shows the live content of the stage personnel, part of the screen shows the live broadcast of the audience, etc.           

 6. Brightness adjustment: according to the requirements of the use scene, the brightness can be adjusted, which greatly meets the requirements of different occasions. We are making perfect use of it both indoors and outdoors.         

Mobile cabinet 

 Outdoor Mobile Led Display Screen structure: quick lock structure, quick disassembly. The air plug and super-v network cable between the boxes can quickly link the signals and power supply between the boxes. The box has a waterproof rubber strip structure, which is waterproof up to IP65.          

Precautions: as for indoor screen, pay attention to corners during handling and disassembly, handle with care, and cover the back cover for outdoor use to avoid water flow.


Outdoor Mobile LED Display

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