LED electrostatic problems and solutions

1. Static electricity is an electrostatic charge that is excessive or insufficient on the surface of an object. It is a kind of electric energy.

Static electricity is the result of a loss of balance between positive and negative charges in a localized range, and static electricity is formed by electron or ion transfer.

2. Static electricity is the relatively static charge of an object.

Static characteristics

High potential: up to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of volts, often operating hundreds of thousands and thousands of volts. Low battery: The electrostatic current is mostly microampere (mA). Short acting time: microseconds. Affected by the environment: especially humidity, humidity rise, static electricity decline.

Electrostatic generation

Contact, friction, rushing, piezoelectric, temperature difference, freezing, electrolysis

Electrostatic hazard

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) causes breakdown of the PN junction of the LED , which is the primary means of electrostatic hazard in the LED device packaging and application assembly industries. Electrostatic damage has the following characteristics:

1. Concealment: The human body cannot directly sense static electricity. Even if electrostatic discharge occurs, the human body may not have the feeling of electric shock. This is because the human body senses the electrostatic discharge voltage to be 2-3KV. In most cases, it is through testing or practical application that the LED device has been damaged by static electricity.

2. Latency: Electrostatic discharge may cause sudden or ineffective LED failure. Sudden failure causes permanent failure of the LED: short circuit. Potential failures can degrade the performance parameters of LEDs, such as increased leakage current. There is no cure for the hidden dangers of GaN-based LEDs after electrostatic damage.

1.The heat transfer rate is up to more than 90%, saving energy and
2. The honeycomb circuit has planar heating, and the effective
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3. Radiate far-infrared light wave, making the heat source softer
4. Wide circuit and connected design, no need to worry about
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5. Add the thermostat protection device, which can ensure the
product safety under bad conditions and effectively prevent the
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