PT weapon Transmission common mistakes and [solution]

If you often use transmission to download PT, will there be some such errors? In order to facilitate the majority of the oil, special production of this article, so that we all know the common mistakes to solve the solution, so that everyone should not be so embarrassed.

Due to the common mistakes and solutions that I encountered in this article, it can be said that it is an original experience. I hope everyone can support it.

If there are any legacy or errors, look for the thread.

Error: 1. You already are downloadingthe same torrent.You may only leech from one location at a time.
the reason:
Accidentally disconnected from the network, restart unexpectedly, and the server data caused by illegally closing the client software is not synchronized. Usually, the task statistics in the PT station are more than the actual number.
No need to pay attention to it, usually after half an hour will be automatically resolved.

Error: 2.Sorry, minimum announce interval=30 sec.Plesae retry after 30 sec
the reason:
Frequent updates to the TRACKER address cause the task to be stopped after the manual TRACKER address is updated, and the task is restarted immediately, causing a red minimum announce interval of 30 sec.
Do not update TRACKER frequently. Do not rush to manually update tracker after stopping the task.

Error: 3. Connection limit execeeded!
the reason:
Connection is limited, according to the analysis of the maximum number of connections, and the maximum number of connections TRACKER can bear on the solution:
Manually update TRACKER to resolve

Error: 4.Invalid passkey
the reason:
PASSKEY leaked or stolen, or did not re-download the seed solution after resetting your own PASSKEY:
If you have not modified your PT account password, you may be hacked. Please reset your PT password as soon as possible!
In any case, the PT seed must be downloaded again. After the verification is performed automatically, the PT seed will continue to be downloaded or seeded.

Error: 5. error: Unregistered torrent
the reason:
Downloaded torrent files are deleted by the administrator for various reasons. If it is an episode, you can search the episode to see if the collection was published centrally.
Delete the task, re-download the new collection seed file to see if the task file in the collection is the same as the one in the previous file. You can put the existing task files in the collection folder and specify the file location in the UT. Effect can continue to do species.

Error: 6.The request was aborted: There was was canceled.
the reason:
1, the network link suddenly disconnected
2, the hard disk may have errors
1. Check the power of the route or switch and the network line, or contact your network operator
2, please re-scan the disk, repair the error
3, please reconnect its power

Error: 7. Cannot perform operations on the socket due to insufficient system buffer space or queue full
the reason:
Virtual memory is too small or your mobile storage device may be full
1. Close some unnecessary services, such as: external network services, FTP, etc., to reduce the CPU share.
2, to ensure that your mobile device has plenty of room.

Error: 8.Client is banned
the reason:
1. The PT website does not match the version of the client software you are using. Generally, PT stations are prohibited from using the beta software. Please refer to the description of each PT station.
2. Your account has been banned
Please install the client software supported by this PT website
Contact your PT website or sign up for another website

Error: 9.The operation timed out
the reason:
1, related to your IP address.
2. Since TR is initializing parameters, your machine will not respond. Solution:
1. Try to contact your network provider for a solution.
2, please wait a few minutes, then re-open the client

Error: 10.PL ERR 2
the reason:
Red problem, Traker has the wrong solution:
The tracker can be manually updated and the situation can be reflected in the PT website forum until it is updated.

Error: 11.An exception occurred during a WebClient request
the reason:
Solution due to too fast client refresh rate:
You can set the SERVER refresh rate to be greater than or equal to 10 seconds, or reopen and connect to the client.
Error: 12.Tracker gave HTTP response code 0 (No Response)
Cause: Red problem, Traker has an error
Solution: Manually update tracker

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