Austria's bright adjustment LED lighting price lowers the threshold

Olympus Japan (Headquarters: Tokyo) announced that it will lower the wholesale price of "REALTUBE" for straight tube type LED lighting (fluorescent type LED lighting) installed on fluorescent lamps, and the market price is estimated to be reduced to half of the original price. the following. The main product "OPJ-1200N" (equivalent to FLR40W fluorescent lamp) has an estimated market price of 9,800 yen, which is estimated to be 4,800 yen. However, Austria's bright Japan does not use direct sales, but sells through sales stores, so this is only an estimated price.

REALTUBE uses the LED kit from Cree in the United States. In 2009, the sales of LED kits were greatly reduced by increasing sales, and the efficiency of the production line was improved by mass production, so that costs could be significantly reduced. When REALTUBE is installed on an existing fluorescent lamp, the power supply needs to be replaced, so the user needs to pay an additional engineering fee of 1,500 to 2,000 yen/root, but if the price drops to 4,800 yen/root, the power consumption is small. Therefore, the total cost (initial introduction cost and operating cost) can be lower than the operating cost of the quick-start fluorescent lamp in about 3 years. The original product took nearly 5 years to recover the initial cost, and the threshold for users to import the product was too high.

Austria's bright Japanese straight tube LED lighting

While adjusting the wholesale price, Austrian Bright will also hold two major promotions. One is the “high quality minimum price guarantee activity”. If the price is found to be higher than other companies with the same performance, it will be offered at a lower price than other companies' products. The other is "free 40 lamps, confirm quality activities", 40 products will be provided free of charge before the user is officially introduced, allowing users to experience performance and confirm quality in advance. According to reports, in 2009, REALTUBE sales in Japan reached 100,000. The company intends to further expand sales by holding two major promotions while reducing market prices.

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